Bars charged in underage drinking sting

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By Jean Lotus


Forest Park police, working with the Illinois State Police ran an underage drinking sting operation the week before Thanksgiving, police said.

Underage patrons entered bars in Forest Park and attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages Nov. 21. Local ordinance citations were issued to establishments where underage drinkers were served.

"We issued seven citations to area bars," said Forest Park Detective Sgt. Michael Keating. Establishments caught serving a minor can be fined up to $750, he said. Keating declined to identify the bars involved.

"That's a lot of money, but it's really an important issue," he said.

The sting is ongoing Keating said.

Forest Park police also participated in an underage tobacco sting Nov. 20. Two establishments, Casa de Puros cigar store on Madison Street and Tobacco and Snack on Harlem Avenue, were issued citations for selling cigars to youth agents.

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Bill D.  

Posted: December 9th, 2013 3:37 PM

Sorry to annoy you, Matt. You'll get over it.


Posted: December 9th, 2013 3:11 PM

Bill i find it annoying when you don't stick to the topic and try to draw people to your own views on other websites. In my opinion Its weird and very narcissistic.

Bill D.  

Posted: December 9th, 2013 1:52 PM


Posted: December 9th, 2013 10:58 AM

After experiencing the wonderful Christmas walk, I say in the spirit of this holiday season and goodwill, we refrain from personal attacks. The word ad hominem is still banned forever and anyone who uses it shall be forced to watch NBC's 3 hour live production of the Sound of Music or read 10 years of "Watchers" postings from the FPF. I also refuse to let Logic or Pie continue to play Bingo alone. I will purchase that darn stove of hers, if it brightens her day ;) I will read the Daly Dish!

Michelle W. from FP  

Posted: December 9th, 2013 10:00 AM

If it's part of an ongoing investigation, say so, or enjoy the speculation.

Bill D.  

Posted: December 8th, 2013 8:24 PM

We all need to cut Thomas "Edward" some slack, Jerry. He's had a rough and embarrassing year. And some days, what can I say, he's clearly feeling just oh so bitchy and just can't help making those devastatingly cutting comments.


Posted: December 7th, 2013 10:12 PM

@BillD @Observer Understand your points. Not really saying we shouldn't enforce the laws, just saying everyone wants to know the names of these bars when my opinion is that you can list about 90% of them as having served an underage patron on any given weekend.

jerry from forest park  

Posted: December 7th, 2013 9:10 PM

Eddie, any comment on the story or you just Billy Bashing again?

Edward P from Long time Forest Park  

Posted: December 7th, 2013 8:10 PM

@ Billie, nope, no gas here but you certainly are full of plenty. A few of us need to correct your short and I mean short comings. Characters like you are so funny!

Bill D.  

Posted: December 7th, 2013 2:51 PM

And you post, exactly why, Pee? To relieve your excess gas?

Edward P from Long time Forest Park  

Posted: December 7th, 2013 2:47 PM

That Billie is one sharp dude, there is not one sack of potatoes smarter than he. We should all be so glad that he is a regular contributor here and FPF because he is a great edgeamicator. We would be so lost without him!


Posted: December 7th, 2013 12:23 PM

@ Gone from, I agree with Billy here, I also offer that 18 year old males are filled with testosterone and not fully developed brains, yet we send them to the Middle East, give them a weapon & direction to stand a post. We give a 16 year old child a DL, the keys to a 4 ton piece of metal and an I-Phone ready for texting? No slack for 18 year old females either (see Farmington Illinois girls basketball suspensions) Enforce the laws, be fair and allow some closely monitored video gaming!

Bill D.  

Posted: December 7th, 2013 11:21 AM

@ Gone from? Interesting legal argument you make. "underage drinking occurs EVERY night on Madison St."? So does drunk driving. There's probably still a lot of illegal recreational drug use. Do we stop enforcing THOSE laws because they're violated frequently? Try telling a judge, "your honor, I should not be prosecuted for this, because LOTS of other people are guilty too." Please, let us know know how that goes for you.

jerry from forest park  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 7:39 PM

Observer, the PD will tell you it's an on going operation that they can't tell you. There is a whole list of things an 18 year old male can't do, but because most have more balls than brains they can fight for their country.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 4:15 PM

@ I was highlighting your overall point of view & comportment..;)


Posted: December 6th, 2013 4:15 PM

You guys are really that upset about this? An 18 yr-old can go to war for our country but can't get a beer. I know that is a different point but take a step back and realize underage drinking occurs EVERY night on Madison St. I did it, many of you probably did it, and it will continue to occur regardless of the nonsensical "stings" that are really nothing more than PR stunts.

Bill D.   

Posted: December 6th, 2013 4:04 PM

Sorry if pointing out your inability to comprehend a simple English sentence is "anger & vituperation." I was just noting that you don't seem read very well, Obstrudy. And, by all means. people should call the village hall. Though they should know that they don't have to crawl to the Review, as you seem to think is required. It's just a short drive into Oak Park. Even you could figure out how to do it with a bit of practice.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 3:38 PM

No I don't own a bar. HaHa thats the best you can do.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 3:34 PM

@ Ogre, now Billy, why should a taxpaying Forest Park resident have to crawl to a staff member at the FPR to get answers, when they could simply go to the department and ask? Haven't you stated many, many, many times that police reports are available to the public? or can be made available?? come on Billy you know it's true, don't manipulate or confuse Jerry just because you are mired in anger & vituperation! ;)

jerry from forest park  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 3:26 PM

Bill D, That's why I ask the question, the way observer wrote his statement I wasn't sure who's PD was taking the hit.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 2:43 PM

Everything is controlled by Calderone. Anything said to anyone has to be cleared with him. He declared himself King and his two boys voted it so.

Gina Thomas from Forest Park  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 2:04 PM

I only care becasue I feel it looked weird in the article. Either name them all or name none of them. Now I'm wondering if this was intentional...more baiting?

Bill D.  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 1:50 PM

Don't feel bad, Jerry. Obstrudy has his own struggles with reading comprehension. It noted that someone "suggests just go to the PD and ask." But in fact the only suggestion posted here was to call the Review or email the editor.

watcher from FoPa  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 12:42 PM

Go to tonight's Christmas Walk on MaD StreeT, stop in each bar and ask if they were stung. While you're there, check out the windows and find a bit of Christmas cheer.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 12:38 PM

@ Jerry, Ogre is correct, it's Lyons PD not point is, that could all change, if Forest Park bar owners continue to see revenue decline and surrounding town (bar owners) prosper..It's a fact and it's happening now, bars with gambling devices are raking in the cash...yes FP will still attract the younger crowd, they spend their ten bucks and go home, the older crowd with more disposable $$ will drive a few blocks away and gamble! Let's do a better job of supporting owners in FP! ;)


Posted: December 6th, 2013 12:05 PM

So Matt, was one of your bars stung?

Bill D.  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 12:04 PM

Liquor establishments are licensed by the state and local municipalities, Matt. Those licenses and any citations related to them are a matter of public record. So I expect disclosure when violations occur. That said, I personally would not choose to not patronize a place solely because they were cited for serving underaged people- at least not the first time. People can make a mistake. More than once, it's a different story.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 11:40 AM

Stupid question but lets say they listed the bars with violations how does that change your life?? Are you not going to go to Giordanos because they sold underage in Oak Park. How does showing the bars affect you?


Posted: December 6th, 2013 11:19 AM

Are you kidding me? All the bar owners and their employees know exactly which bars were stung. Not sure why Calderone won't let Keating tell us citizens the information.

Bill D.   

Posted: December 6th, 2013 11:08 AM

That's Lyons, Jerry.

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 11:06 AM

Don't understand why the FPPD won't identify violators. The IL Liquor Control Commission issues a monthly Underage Compliance Report. In November 2012 the ILCC, Secretary of State Police and Oak Park police conducted 11 alcohol checks in Oak Park. Five allegedly sold alcohol to underage buyers and were listed by the ILCC: Kinderhook Tap, 800 S. Oak Park Ave., Margarita's Restaurant, 804 S. Oak Park Ave. Giordano's, 115 Chicago Ave., Papaspiros, 733 Lake St., King & I Restaurant, 105 N. Marion.

jerry from forest park  

Posted: December 6th, 2013 11:04 AM

Observer, Did I understand you correctly, that FPPD is talking about laying off three officers? I ask because at a recent VC meeting they authorized hiring two new officers to replace two that just retired.


Posted: December 6th, 2013 9:52 AM

Another idea, be careful what you wish for, we all agree strict enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol or tobacco to minors is good. FP is losing customers to surrounding towns that allow video poker machines. FP needs to re-evaluate this. I say allow it, limit the number of machines and prohibit the use of garish/ostentatious signs (see Berwyn) years ago Lyons, decimated the bar scene, now they are rumored to be looking to layoff up to three police officers? The strip is stagnant


Posted: December 6th, 2013 9:34 AM

Just an idea..why not complete the entire "top secret, undercover sting operation of FP bars and tobacco shops" then when they have "all" of the final results, hold a press conference at village hall and release the results of their clandestine work ;) Or as Ogre suggests just go to the PD and ask? I would think the taxpayers have a right to know..


Posted: December 6th, 2013 5:53 AM

I agree at first glance it wouldn't matter for the bars that were already stung. And like you I'm not an investigator. But suppose the owner did not lay down the law with the employees. It's possible albeit unlikely some server/employees might not know their bar was stung. In which case the investigation may want to test this aspect. Just an example off the top of my head. If no disclosure once investigation done I'll be right with you on the picket line screaming bloody murder ;-)

Sharon Daly from Forest Park, Illinois  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 11:21 PM

i want names, bios and photos of the illegal cigar buyers posted! this cannot be tolerated! unless, of course, it's a matter of national security like FP underage drinking purveyors.

forest parker from forest park  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 11:00 PM

FOIA the tickets and you will know the bars!

Sharon Daly from Forest Park, Illinois  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 10:30 PM

i am not an investigator, but...the stung bars don't know they were stung? the other bars don't know it's ongoing and might get stung? only the readers of this newspaper know there was/is a sting? ok, it's our little secret - loose lips sink ships, y'all.


Posted: December 5th, 2013 9:28 PM

I suggest everybody chill. Not surprising that Keating might want to keep his cards close and not id the bars since he said the sting is ongoing.

Sharon Daly from Forest Park, Illinois  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 8:08 PM

That's troubling and doesn't reflect well on our PD, or our town. Certainly doesn't help the case of the video gambling proponents.

Jean Lotus from Forest Park Review Forest Park Review Employee

Posted: December 5th, 2013 7:01 PM

Detective Sgt. Keating was asked which taverns were issued citations and he declined to give that information. He did not supply reports for the alcohol sting incidents. The names of the tobacco shops were included in police reports.

Bill D.  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 6:54 PM

Maybe you should give the Review a call? Or just email the editor. Ask them why the names of the bars aren't in the article, and if they know the names. They'll either say they don't know or won't tell you. But at least then you won't be speculating.

Gina Thomas from Forest Park  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 6:11 PM

I read this several times thinking I must not have paid close enough attention since the stores were listed but not the bars. Remember when they published names of people regarding the gun law thing a while back? This is very weird.

Bob from Snyder  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 5:30 PM

Sees like everyone wants to know the information missing from the article. Why bother


Posted: December 5th, 2013 4:13 PM

Why even write this article without the complete information?

jerry from forest park  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 4:04 PM

I find this interesting also, if we get pick or stop by the police our names would surely be mention.

Wondering as well  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 3:30 PM

Certainly is a head the smoke shops but not the bars. Yes, perhaps people that contribute to Tony's (3 Amigos campaign fund). I know, for a fact, that at least one of the bars that got stung does contribute.

Concerned Resident from Forest Park  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 3:16 PM

Yes, it seems strange that the tobacco shops are named, but not the bars. Hmmm?. Could it be that some of the bar owners contribute to certain political campaign funds? Or maybe one of the bars is owned by a sitting village council member? Without the facts, we are left to wonder.

Michelle W. from FP  

Posted: December 5th, 2013 2:16 PM

Is there something missing here? Perhaps the name of the bars...?

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