With the many challenges facing our village over the next few years, the voters are given two options for Mayor of Forest Park, Former Commissioner Chris Harris and Former Commissioner Rory Hoskins. Better communication and more transparency is something Forest Park desperately needs improvement on while we deal with massive budget shortfall, the Altenheim property, and the need for stronger economic development. One candidate has a track record of holding forums on important issues both as a Village Commissioner and private citizen. Putting together residents and stakeholders to openly discuss issues, often with lively debate. And I can appreciate how active he has been on Facebook starting as a Village Commissioner. He is readily available to answer questions and openly discuss issues for all of us to see. We are lucky enough to have a very active electorate, we want to be part of the discussion. The new Mayor will need to lead the Village Council through some very tough issues and make hard decisions. I am voting for Chris Harris for Mayor of Forest Park because I trust he will continue to be accessible and open should he become our next mayor. No more business as usual vote for Chris Harris.

Andrew Johnson