Editor’s note: This letter to the editor is in response to Tom Holmes’ recent column.
“He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” JOHN 8:7

You never cease to amaze me. Funny, how you fit right in with the corrupt Chicago narratives, and all of the Democratic run cities & States that are destroying our country; and not a mention of that from you? Shame on you, Tom. I love you, but shame on you! Taking everything Trump says out of context; just like the fake news! 

Tom, you’re biased! If you’re going to judge one, judge all; especially the Washington politicians. And Trump is not a politician, he’s a businessman, and a damn good one who loves our country and has done a great job! More than 63 million patriots will keep our great President in office. It’s the right thing to do, and my conscious is clear.

You are comparing President Trump’s position with what Jesus said and did and no man living or otherwise can compare with that; it’s impossible. Jesus was perfect!

God in His sovereignty is why Donald Trump is our president; and God willing, he will be president again for another four years. Perhaps then he will drain the swamp of racketeers called politicians.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and the democrats have been fuming with hate ever since; they won’t accept defeat and let it go. Your factchecking is flawed as well as biased also.  You’re high on pointing out what Trump lied about; but not one acknowledgement about “promises made & promises kept,” and he’s kept every one! You disappoint me, Tom.

Barack Obama, his cabinet, and every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Washington Democrat politician have tried to frame and bring this great, popular, successful man down (to no avail), who the whole world loved before the Democrats drug his name through the mud and have tried to smear him! A testament to the power & strength of Donald J. Trump. A lesser man would not have survived with all the lies about him, Tom.

Finally, Tom, if you’re going to take Trump to task for lying, shouldn’t Barack Obama be at the “top of your list” with all his henchmen & women? At least be truthful; let your conscious be your guide.

Obama lied about his religion, about Americans being able to keep their own doctor; he showed a total disregard for God and the Bible, and the institution of marriage between man & woman; he made an abomination and a mockery out of marriage according to God, by sanctioning “same-sex marriage” and unleashing immorality; and attempts to redefined ‘gender’. Now, tell me Tom. How is it you have the audacity to lecture and judge your fellowman by the Bible? Check yourself, sir!

There are so many more points I could make against your “radical group” but this should make my rebuttal, and my pushback case.

In His grip that never slips,

Earnest L. Hines

Former Fores Park resident