Belated happy birthday wishes from the whole town to Edward Stange who was 91-years-old on March 22. He and his wife, Emma, are still living in the family home and still reading the REVIEW every week. Daughter Shirley sends her best to us.

Belated happy Easter, too. Sorry, it just slipped my mind last Wednesday.

Apologies to Marcy Dufkis Gleason for misspelling one of her names and omitting the other. So belated happy birthday to Marcy Dufkis Gleason on March 30.

Spring is here and weddings are in the news. One of Forest Park’s favorite nurses Diane Dormeyer, and mother of one of our favorite young actors, Ryan Russ, are happily anticipating Ryan’s marriage to Jenniffer Suwinski. Jenniffer is a sales executive for Hankyu International Transport and the daughter of Richard Suwinski of Elmhurst. Ryan, a lifelong Forest Parker is the son of Diane Dormeyer and Reza Ebadi of Westchester. The couple’s wedding will be officiated by David B. Clarke, a longtime family friend from Boston.

The charming young lady with the bright smile is Dorothy Gray, the newest addition to an already helpful staff at Schauer’s Ace Hardware on Madison.

Nancy Kerr, youth services at the library, says Ruth Loyd’s grandson’s book, A Boy and His Bunny, by Sean Bryan, is really moving off the shelves. In fact they were no copies left the other day when Ruth and I went looking for it.

Congratulations to new grandparents Joyce and Peter Thiesse and to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vobornik on the birth of baby Morgan Rae Vobornik who was born March 17. Morgan’s parents are Amy Thiesse Vobornik and Mark Vobornik. Best wishes to the Thiesse/Vobornik Family.

Jack Lambke has a new granddaughter, born March 19. New baby Claire has a big sister, Emily. The parents are Mr. & Mrs. Barnard. Congratulations to the Lambke/Barnard clan, too.

Congratulations to Volunteers of the Year awardees Irene Keltzo and Mary Rogots from the Howard Mohr
community Center.

Next time you’re in the community center drop in to see Karen Dylewski and admire the lovely watercolors that grace her office walls. They are the work of her mother-in-law Dorothy Dylewski.

The center will again this year offer AARP 55 ALIVE on April 21 and 22. This 8-hour course is for drivers 50 years of age and older. It is designed to help you tune up your driving skills and get you a nice discount on your insurance (probably). Registration is required. Call 771-7737.

Nancy Bower reminds us of the super special Kiwanis dinner at the community center on April 23 from 5 to 8 p.m. For a mere $6 you’ll have a gourmet Italian pasta dinner, compliments of LaPiazza, desserts from Silverland and Kay’s lemon ice from Freddy’s in Berwyn and bread, rolls, etc. compliments of Turano’s in Berwyn. All this wonderful stuff has been donated, so your donation goes directly to help Kiwanis. For more information call Jerry Lordan, 386-0127.

Thursday, March 31 is Frieda Schwenke’s happy birthday celebratiob; she is ninety-one years-old this year. On April 1 say April Fools! and happy birthday to Dolores Holub, Fabrizio Cirrintano and Carol Akimore; on April 2, Jessica IcIlquham and Ian Hitre have a birthday; April 3 is the birthday of Mayor Anthony Calderone, Jim McGuin, Todd Bower, Nick Novak, Ed Charvat, Kyler Pacyga and Ryan Tomoso; on April 4, Roseann McGuin, Maura Flanagan, Keith Hickey, Nico Rubio, Jessie Jones and Mary Jones: on April 5 say happy birthday to Nick Tricoci, Joe Bugajsky, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino and Jon Leganski; April 6 to Jeanette Gerger, Pat Vastine, Mitzi DeVilbiss, Tom Collis and Isabel Rossi. Thanks for your time.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...