Whoops! Sorry about last week’s omission, guess I saved the birthday part of the column too late. Belated happy birthday to last week’s celebrants. April 1: Dolores Holub, Fabrizio Cirrintano, Carol Akimore; April 2: Jessica McIlquham and Ian Hitre; April 3: Mayor Anthony Calderone, Jim McGuin, Todd Bower, Nick Novak, Ed Charvat, Kyler Pacyga, Dorothy Bentel, Ryan Tomoso; on April 4, belated wishes to Roseann McGuin, Joe McGuin, Maura Flanagan, Keith Hickey, Nico Rubio, Dorothy Bentel, Jessie Jones, Mary Jane Jones and Mary Jones; on April 5: Nick Tricoci, Rick Barger, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino, Jon Leganski; April 6: Jeanette Gerger, Pat Vastine, Mitzi DeVilbiss, Tom Collis, Isabel Ross; April 7: Nicholas Lang, Kathy Jones, Brady Fipinger, Lee Huynh; April 8, Bill & Beth Linder have an anniversary and on April 9, happy birthday to Gert Casper and Tiffany Basarich.

April 10 is the happy birthday of Angie Stange, Laura Annarino and, last but not least, happy birthday to Dr. Phyllis Orland and Mike Thompson on April 11. Oh and happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Ray Duke and Kevine and Melissa Dodge also on April 11.

The Friends of the Library are working hard on organizing this year’s book sale. New hours will be Friday, April 13 from noon until 5 p.m.; Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.

There will even be a clean up clearance on Monday, May 16 from 10 a.m. until noon.

Remember, the selection is best at the beginning, but the prices are best at the end.

It’s not too late to get a ticket for Saint Bernardine’s Women’s Club dinner, April 21 at the Crystal Sky Banquet Hall, 7941 W. 47th in McCook. Call 848-1214 for more information.

Fashions will be designed by our very own Heather Byrnes; it is her Becoming collection. Every item in the show has been created by Heather, models are local girls, Krystle Kutek, Amy Rausch Kosiek, Kathy Knack, Tara Lawrence, Mo Doheny, Bridget Byrne and Amy Klod. The hard working committee who have been working diligently for months are Kathy Huebner, Patti Mullin, Marissa Hinz, Diane Marston, Chris Dunaway, Mary Ann O’Connor, Claire and Paula Coonen, Marge Moskos and Lisa Gill.

With so much talent it’s bound to be a huge success.

Now that spring seems to be here, the babies and dogs are out strolling and sunning. A charming trio out for an airing last week was big, handsome brother Ista with Orion Javier and Leela Itzel, Ista’s twin brother and sister. The twins were born January 27 to Paul and Joan Vina-Tromp.

If you want to go to Memphis and Tunica with the community center you’d better hurry up. Mississippi River, Graceland, Beale Street, Clarksdale and more and more. Call 771-7737 soon or all the seats may be filled.

Let’s hope I don’t forget to press something here and lose the birthdays again.

Here goes … on April 13 you can say happy birthday to Kara Einbinder and Jim Stanton; on April 14 to Dan Cote, Julie Mahnke, Dawn Mandile, John Marino and Amy Thiesse Vobornik;on April 16 to Benjamin Gerger, Joe Rice, Jessica Wittowski and Parker Ryan Wojtas; April 17, Shawn Miller and Grace Ahern get a big happy birthday; on April 18 Lisa Grimes and Cathy Lowe. April 19, happy birthday to Kim Rambeau; and on April 29, to Michael Accetura, Benjamin Waldron and Krystle Kutak.

We did witness a momentous event in history last week with the death of Pope John Paul”1/10th of 1 percent of the entire world’s population was in Rome for the rituals. Did you know that any Catholic male can be elected to the office of pope? However, your chances are pretty slim if you aren’t an ordained priest. A cardinal need not be a priest. Did you learn that back in grade school?

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