We are entering week three of the Frank Marzullo investigation and yet no charges have been filed by the village or by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

It leaves many wondering when we will see some action on this investigation and it leaves no doubt in our minds that we definitely will not drop it until something is done.

Having thugs come into our town and duke it out is one thing, but having our town sit quietly by is another. We understand our village’s hands are tied by the attorney general’s timetable, but we can’t let weeks or even months go by while Marzullo seems to be getting away with it again. Not in our town.

Until the case finds some resolution, we intend to keep a counter in our editorial pages, marking off the days until we figure this whole screwy affair out and until the right people are put before a judge, preferably handcuffed:

Day 15, still no charges, still no arrests.


Spring’s crimes of opportunity

So last week we talked about how great Spring is. This week, it seems, is a balancing act, as with the nicer weather some petty thieves have begun making the rounds in the area.

Waking up in the morning to find a prized statue or a lawn chair, or worse yet a keyed car is not fun. It steals our sense of security and leaves us feeling violated. Petty crimes like this affect our quality of life and, while they rarely go over the $1,000 mark, they still represent a persistent problem.

The police department has pledged to increase alley patrols and to do all it can, but we must do our parts as well. As sad as it seems, we need to be more careful with our property, as being close to Chicago brings a lot of vitality but also carries a certain degree of transference of crime. We also need to keep alert and call the police when we see anything suspicious. Our neighbors’ losses, we must keep in mind, are ours as well, as crime affects the entire community.


National Telecommunicator’s Week

Kudos to our dispatchers at the 911 Center in Forest Park. Last week was National Telecommunicator’s Week and they deserve a pat in the shoulder for their fine work.

One case in particular comes to mind, as the crime pages today are filled with stories where arrests were made possible by these valiant front-line officers.

Through their multi-talking they are now capable of getting information to the right patrol within six seconds of receiving a 911 call. They also coordinate with Oak Park police and monitor all emergency bandwidths. Through their quick work several thieves were apprehended last week, a pair in Oak Park after stealing tools from trucks in Forest Park and another pair in Forest Park, after allegedly committing armed robbery in Oak Park.

Good work.