Sympathy to Madeline Kochman and her family on the death of Henry Kochman, Madeline’s husband of 57 years. Henry and Madeline operated a lamp store in Oak Park for most of those years.

Speedy get well wishes to Joe Byrnes who suffered an “incident” last week, but the last we heard he’s doing well.

At Main Street’s annual meeting last week, all the winners received well deserved applause for their awards. But the loudest, most sincere sounding applause went to The Brown Cow”for obvious reasons. People of all ages, all kinds of attire, all colors and incomes can be seen going in and out of that place all day long. If you haven’t been there yet this year, get on over.

Bring the kids for story hour; bring the kids to play with the toys in the back. My main reason for going is usually the pralines and cream.

Speaking of Main Street, it just has to be said again. The town of Forest Park owes a debt to Art Jones that can never be paid. This town was on a fast downward slide for many years until Art came up with “Main Street.”

With the cooperation of that village council and the Chamber of Commerce we have seen a resurrection of this Phoenix, like we’d never have thought possible fifteen years ago. Dorothy Gillian says Art is the kind of leader who makes you feel like his ideas are your own, so you work hard to carry them out. So, thanks, Art. What more can we say?

The piano artistry of Peter Storms made the evening complete at the recent Main Street festival. Dispensing drinks with a smile is the affable Ted Rozmus while Rick Stephani looks on.

Saint Peter’s Church will feature a chorus concert at the May 22 service. Organist Debbie Jeroncic will bring a special choir. More to follow next week.

Belated happy anniversary (April 28) to Joan and Mike Bigos, who celebrated their 15th anniversary in Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. The Bigos’s enjoyed a beach front room, complete with beautiful sunsets.

Congratulations to Robert Rice, student at St. Joseph High School. The United States Achievement Academy has named him a U.S. Award Winner in Leadership and Service. Robert Rice, Jr. is the son of Bob and Terri Rice, the grandson of Rosemary Rice of Reading, Pa. and Genevieve Conley of Berwyn, Ill.

This week, on May 14, we remember Dan Scollard who died one year ago and everyone still misses him, especially Lin.

Belated, happy anniversary to Debbie and Bill Schaubel. Debbie was beaming at the flowers Bill sent to her at Jeanine Guncheon’s shop on Madison.

On May 11, happy birthday to Tracie Karlin, L.A.Goodman, John V.Grimes, Chris Fulco; on May 12 to Mary Ann Geraci, Ed O’Shea, Tyler Kuttnauer and happy 17th anniversary to Vince and Robin Cirrintano; on May 14, Andy Madden, Yvette Manaois, Pauline Grippando. May 15 and birthday wishes to Vicki Kaup, Nedra Wentland, Dave Novak, Danielle Boy and Molly Adamson; on May 16 Diane and Joe Hoffman and Bob and Lisa Kowalski have an anniversary and Audrey Kaczmarek, Lisa Novak, Sara Neubeiser and Sue Lyons get a birthday wish; a May 17 happy birthday to Jason Webb.

Finally, congratulations to grandparents Tony and Terry Steinbach-Sarley on the birth of baby Kyle Littlejohn.

Thanks for your time.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...