“California Here She Comes!” That’s Jayne Matusek. And Glenn Garlisch has to be one of the world’s best real estate salesmen. After he sold Jayne’s house he gave an elegant good-bye/birthday party in her honor at the community center for all Jayne’s senior friends. The party was well deserved, of course since Jayne has lived in Forest Park for more than fifty years. She’ll be leaving hundreds of dear friends and neighbors. Unfortunately one of her dearest long time friends,Alice Conway, wasn’t able to attend because of poor health. Good bye and best wishes to Jayne, you take our love with you to California.

More exciting news at the Schwebl’s: Carrie Schwebl was elected to the esteemed position of Prom Queen, 2005 at Trinity’s prom last week. Carrie went to the dance with her long time friend, Mark Baker.

Life has its moments of great joy, as in the Schwebl house these days. But the other side of life invariably comes to each of us. Our deepest sympathy to the Steger Family on the death of young wife and mother, Pam Steger. Pam is the mother of young Hannah and Jack,wife of Mike,much loved daughter-in-law of Heather and Gary Steger.

Speedy get well wishes to Laureen Thornton who has been out of action for a while.

Judy and Phil Jilek are also proud of daughter Debbie who has achieved her young dream. Although she completed school in January, she officially graduated June 5th and has a contract with professional dance company, Estradanza. Debbie’s first professional appearance will be June 9-12 at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. and June 12, 5 p.m. The Ruth Page Center is located at 1016 N. Dearborn. For information please call (773)655.9165. Actually all of us are proud of young Judy. We have followed her career, watched her work and study and now we congratulate her on her achievement.

June birthdays: Tony Sarley on June 1st; on the 2nd:Liz and Carl Grapentine have a wedding anniversary and Nancy Brod, Steve Huebner and Nicole Rice all get a happy birthday wish; on the 3rd of June happy birthday to Christy Cesario, Marilyn Lentini, Lucian Duhem and Ho Chong Yehl; June 4th happy birthday to Patricia Gotier, Nicholas Faber Ross, Nancy Lovell and Stella Koarek; June 6th and a happy birthday wish for Lucille Providence, Ken Trainor, Ann Shea and Gloria Hansberry; on the 7th birthday wishes go to Janine Boy, Gerhardt Kosh, Jackie Clifton, Dawn Jasper, Madhu Pallatl and Kim Jargstorf and happy anniversary to Diane and Colin Chin; on June 8th special happy birthday to Delores McCain and Hailey Ann Watson and happy anniversary to Al and Jenny Juozaitis.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Happy summer!

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...