Response to Caines, Frawley and Stevens
It seems as if spring is in the air! Unfortunately trees with bad apples blossomed again, three to be exact: Caines, Frawley and Ms. Wonder Woman herself Jeanine Stevens.

I am in disbelief that an attorney that was sitting in on the Cody hearing is saying that it was a pretend trial. I was there sitting one row of seats away from Stevens when Officer Caines lied to the police and fire commission about whether or not she filed a similar complaint in the village of Berwyn. She replied, no. I watched the attorney hand the copy of the complaint to the three commissioners. Case dismissed!

As far as the Frawley goes, why would you need light duty when every officer on the police department has 80 paid sick days for extended illnesses? My guess is that she has already used them up.

I would also like to know why the only time we read anything with regards to Frawley or Caines it’s nothing but negatives toward our village and the police department. I have yet to see Officer Caines or Officer Frawley in the headlines or police blotter about any arrests they made or problem solving issues to help our police department or the people of this town.
Eddie Vince
Forest Park

We need a sidewalk and less ‘us vs. them’
I read with great interest the mention of the possible development at the FP Naval Reserve Center sometime in the future. My suggestion for any project there includes the installation of a sidewalk at the east side of the access road just east of Ultra Foods. This would make it easier for pedestrians to access this store without walking in the street or having to walk all the way west to the ramp or sidewalk at the Lathrop entrance.

In response to Tim Gillian’s letter, I am deeply disappointed at Mr. Gillian expending so much time and energy in accusing Terry Steinbach and Patrick Doolin of holding an illegal meeting. Surely there are better uses of his time. I assume he refers to not making the public aware of the meeting so they could attend. On May 9, I saw the notice for this meeting on the Village Hall bulletin board. I decided not to go since closed sessions meetings, especially those dealing with personnel, give little information. Maybe he missed the memo? And just so you know, Mr. Gillian, some people attend meetings just to keep current on what’s happening in the village. Being there gives so much more info than just reading the Review articles. I don’t consider myself an “ardent supporter” of any one person or persons of the various boards or the council. I would have actually preferred to get home earlier than watch the skirmish that broke out that night. I suggest the commissioners sit alphabetically so there is less of an “us versus them” mentality. There might be more civility that way.
Carol Good
Forest Park

Stop conspiring, and, by the way, be nicer
As a lifetime citizen in our community, I have seen a lot of controversy come and go. Let’s let it all go and let all these people, guilty or innocent, go on with their lives. Too many people’s lives have been turned upside down and inside out, for the love of money, after all this is all about money, let’s not forget that.

Put the money behind you, go to work every day, do the best you can and things will work out. Shoot angles on how to beat the system and you will go on being miserable and unhappy.

There is no conspiracy here on the side of Lt. (Michael) Cody or the powers above him. I don’t think anyone would like to lose their career or their job. Let’s not crucify another police chief for trying to do a good job and get results from his officers.

Remember, there is a good reason that the leader of the police department is called chief. He is in charge, and by no means on a power trip. Leave these guys alone, enjoy life, and maybe find something more constructive to do than sit around and be negative about something very few of us know the facts about.

Let’s also keep in mind that there are a lot of lazy people in this world, and if they can find some hot-shot, or think they are a hot shot attorney (Jeanine Stevens), they will lie, cheat and steal to get out of working and still get paid.
Larry Moskos
Forest Park