Congratulation to graduate Chang Chun Lu who earned a Master of Business Technology from Loyola University in May. His wife Qiong You and daughter, Lucy Lu are very proud of him.

Another recent graduate is Ron Gran P. Apilado who graduated from Rosalind Franklin University, formerly known as Chicago Medical College, in Waukegan.

Who is Rosalind Franklin and why is there a university named for her? You probably heard her name but forgot it; I did. She was the scientist who did the spadework for Watson and Crick who in turn discovered the human DNA double helix. Franklin’s research and discoveries made Watson and Crick’s discoveries possible.

Now that Ron has graduated, he and his fiancé Leslie Salvador are making final arrangements for their June 25 wedding in the Philippines.

Michael Block is the kind of boss everybody would love to have. Michael recently acquired Forest Park Liquors located at Burkhardt Court & Madison Street. One of his employees is 20-year-old Clayton Huebner. June 15 is Clayton’s 21st birthday so his boss, Mike, is having an Open House Birthday Party in Clayton’s honor. Everyone is invited, treats, drinks, partying, etc. from 5 to 7 p.m. on June 15. Nice boss! Happy birthday, Clayton”this is a birthday you will never forget.

On Tuesday, June 21, author Will Thomas will discuss and sign copies of his recent books Some Danger Involved and To Kingdom Come at 7 p.m. at the bookstore at 7419 Madison.

Mystery writer Laura Lippman will be signing copies of her latest book at Centuries & Sleuths on Sunday, June 26 at 2 p.m.

Happy third anniversary to Ted & Annette Rozmus on June 15 and happy birthday to Karen Dylewski and Clayton Huebner; on June 16 birthday wishes to Anthony Calderone, Jr.; on June 17 to Tim Grams. June 18 is the happy birthday of Emily Myint, Trevor LaPoint and Artie Gray. It is also the first wedding anniversary for Jon and Jenny Kuehl. Happy birthday to Gail Hastings on June 19, which also happens to be the first wedding anniversary of Danny and Diane Mohr; on June 21, happy birthday to Angela Hodges and Sophia Miller; on June 22, happy birthday to Lillian Tester and Sydney Gray.

A little late with the follow-up on the new grandchild in the Steinbach-Sarly clan. Kyle Matther Littlejohn was born April 26 to parents Aaron and Kristy (Bogdan) Littlejohn. Grandparents are Bob and Carol Littlejohn of Orlando, Florida and Terry and Tony Sarly of Forest Park. Belated congratulations.

The New Harvest Church is an active organization which warmly (to say the least) welcomes visitors to come and get acquainted. Every Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. there is a puppet show for the kids, lots of music, singing and fellowship. That’s Saint Peter’s Church, Adams Street & Hannah Avenue every Sunday afternoon. You don’t have to join their church, just come and enjoy the friendliness, sincerity and goodness of these really joyous people.

Sincere sympathy to Kathleen Moritz on the sudden death of her son Tanner Osbourne, last week.

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