Many thanks from the future high schoolers

On June 4th, the Forest Park Middle School Cafetorium was transformed into Paris in Springtime as Eighth Grade students celebrated the end of their Forest Park school days with a graduation dance.

As the students entered the dance, they passed under the Arc de Triomphe and entered the City of Lights. The eighth graders walked along the banks of the River Seine, took pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and strolled down a Paris street on their way to the dance floor. Students could also sit in the lovely surroundings of the Jardins de Tuilieres. The 8th graders snapped photographs, danced, talked, ate delicious food and enjoyed each other’s company at this special event.

This year’s dance could not have been have accomplished without the generous contributions of several donors, who the 8th grade dance committee would like to thank. Special thanks to Grams’ Construction and Mark V.’s and Ken’s crew as well as Scott Brooks for their work on the incredible Arc de Triomphe.

Also special thanks to Bob Cox whose artwork on the Arc was something to behold.

Thanks to Lucy Slivinski for creating the Paris street scene and the beautiful Chocolatier, Café and Boulangerie. Thanks to McAdam Landscaping for lending the dance the beautiful and fragrant shrubs, and to R. Quitsch Florist for lending the flower carts and arches.

These lovely donations made it possible to re-create the Jardins de Tuilieries. Thanks to the always-generous Ed’s Way, to Larry Moore and Randy Landish at Ultra Foods and to Whole Foods Market for their donations of food and beverages.

Thanks also to the Park District of Forest Park for lending necessary supplies, including the lights; and to Grams Construction, Brooks Marble, Lenore Koca at State Farm Insurance in Forest Park, the Forest Park Kiwanis and the Middle School Boosters for their financial support. All of the contributors went above and beyond in helping to make this a successful and memorable evening for the eighth graders.

Special thanks are also due to this year’s dance chairpersons, Shelanda Johnson and Georgine Mullen, without whose leadership and dedication this year’s dance could never have been accomplished. Thanks, too, to the eighth grade dance committee, who provided inspiration, enthusiasm and hard work: Carol Barbahen, Nancy Fabbrini, Terry Wawzenek, Cynthia Neyland, Katrina Jones, Patsy Oswalt, Janice Brooks, Mary Hanrahan, Barb Decker, Ellen Buchanan, Ola Carter and Sylvia Melendez.

And while there are too many to name, the dance committee wishes to thank the parents who helped set up for the dance, especially the fellows who worked so hard on the Eiffel Tower, and to the parents who came in the next day to clean up.

The photograph shows the Eiffel Tower that was erected at the dance!

Mary Turek

All-School Picnic

On behalf of the Picnic Committee, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chamber of Commerce, Village, Park District and all Forest Park Schools for their continued support in providing a fun-filled day of activities for this year’s 32nd Annual Bob Haeger All School Picnic.

The Committee would like to thank the PTO’s and PTA’s of the public and private schools for their annual donations that help offset the costs associated with the picnic. We would also like to express our appreciation to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post 7181 for their financial contribution. Their donations, along with the Chamber’s annual financial support and cooperation from Mother Nature in the weather department, helped make this year’s annual event a huge success.

A very special thank you to Ferrara Pan Candy Company, the Forest Park Community Education Council and Forest Park Main Street Redevelopment Association for their generous donations which helped offset the cost of this year’s entertainment. All of the children who enjoyed the free pony rides can be thankful to these three special friends of the All School Picnic.

In addition we are grateful to Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures for their annual donation of two 300 lb. blocks of ice used to ice down the 3000 cans of soda and Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) for their generous donation of the 20-yard, roll-off dumpster that is used for cleanup.

We would also like to thank the Police and Fire Departments for their continued cooperation and assistance and, also, all of the volunteers that helped in the food distribution, ticket sales, supervision, recreational activities and entertainment. They, along with the schoolteachers, are the backbone of this operation. Without that group of dedicated workers, an event of this size could not be accomplished.

Finally, our hats are off to the Village employees of the Public Works and Public Property Departments. They, along with the crews from the Park District and School District maintenance staffs, performed that often-thankless job of picking up after the others. Within an hour everything was put away and the park grounds were back in shape. The Committee would like to thank everyone involved in any way for their continued support and cooperation.

Dave Novak & Beth Kovacic
Co-Chairs, All School Picnic Committee

Summerfest Thanks

Despite the heat, a brief rain shower both Friday and Saturday and the threat of rain all weekend, Summerfest 2005 was a success! Contributing greatly to its success were our sponsors whose generosity helped make an event such as Summerfest a reality.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Forest Park Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank our title sponsor Ferrara Pan Candy for their continued support. We would also like to thank the following generous sponsors: Burke Beverage/Miller Brewing (main stage), Christopher B. Burke Engineering (giant slide), Charter One Bank (moonwalk), Trage Bros. (pony rides), The Grove Partnership of Focus-Taxman (petting zoo), Whole Foods Market (water), Eds Way (pop), Howard Mohr Community Center and Arborwood & Briarwood at Altenheim (senior square), Team Blonde Jewelry (Annebanned) Two Fish Art Glass and Forest Park Main Street (The Hoyle Bros.), Schauer’s Ace Hardware, Carriage Flower Shop, REVIEW, Mohr Oil Company, Thiesse Plumbing, Action Transmission & Automotive and (beer garden), Summerfest sponsors Dr. Lori Lipkin, Louie’s Grill and Reich & Becker, and Spotless Autowash for the generous donation as well as car wash tokens that were given away with every $20 ticket purchase.

Thanks also to the Park District for the use of the stage, and to Forest Park National Bank & Trust for their continued support.

Special thanks to Laureen Thornton for working the ticket booth from beginning to end both days, and to all our volunteers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

As always, we appreciate the continued support and top-notch services provided by the Village of Forest Park, the police and fire departments and pubic works. A big thank you to Bob Kutak who always goes out of his way to accommodate.

We would also like to thank Tom Krenek and Barb (Forest Park Emporium) for organizing the antique market as well as Cecelia Hardacker (Two Fish Art Glass) and Rich Schauer (Schauers Ace Hardware) for managing the community garage sale.

Thanks to all participating merchants and vendors and, last but not least, everyone who joined us for Summerfest 2005.

The Forest Park Chamber of Commerce
Summerfest 2005 Committee

Liberal media?

If the media were as “liberal” as conservatives claim it is, the Downing Street Memo would be all over the newspapers, TV, radio and cable. Instead, it barely makes a squib once in awhile on page 10, buried. And the forum called by Rep. John Conyers, joined by 122 House members, along with some 560,000 Americans, in asking the President to simply respond to questions regarding its content ” that also goes unreported.

If Watergate occurred today, I’m afraid Nixon would still be in office and the whole thing swept under the rug.

Is our democracy and truth to be swept under the rug today by a compliant and cowed media? Let’s hope there are a few Woodwards and Bernsteins out there who have the courage to investigate the real truths behind what led us into this war.

Evelyn Krueger
Forest Park