Remember last week when you read about the mysterious train (well, street car) that took some Forest Parkers into the woods and left them there? Ellie Clifton, ever alert with camera in hand, got a shot of some of the adventurers as they boarded that mystery train. Travel with Bev and the Community Center gang every Wednesday to who knows where? It’s always exciting and meals are always included. Not to mention the many extras you get”lots of extras.

Peggy McGreal is hard at work on the telephone and on her computer trying to arrange a memorable 75th anniversary of the Oak Park Symphony next year. The kick-off is scheduled for October 2 at the Oak Park Conservatory. We are so lucky to have a first class community orchestra right in our front yard, so please consider supporting this August group on its 75th birthday!

Congratulations to Kate Crawford who received her Executive MBA degree, cum laude, from the University of Notre Dame on May 15, this year. Kate has also been promoted to Director of Sales for System Sensor, a Division of Honeywell. Needless to say her mom, Barb Crawford, sister, Kelly, and brother, Bob, are proud of her. She recently became a Forest Park homeowner as well.

In keeping with a long held family tradition, the bells of Saint Peter’s church chimed joyfully announcing the May 21 birth of Tyler Robert Fink, new son of Angela and Corey Fink, new brother of Hannah, grandson of Janet and Gary Fink and great grandson of May Bill. On October 27, 2002 these same bells rang out in honor of the birth of his sister Hannah, as they did for his Aunt Jill and daddy Corey Fink some years ago. Congratulations and best wishes from all of Forest Park.

To balance the tragic story in Bob Sullivan’s column about poor dog Willie, here is a dog story with a happy ending. It’s about a most lovable, waggly little female named Lucky. Lucky was not so lucky for a while. Her owner died and his wife didn’t want this lovable little pooch. But Ramia Bavikatte made eye contact with her and it was love at first sight. Now everyone is happy and loving each other and snuggling and all that good stuff.

You might want to mark July 9 on your calendar for the author discussion and signing of Andrew H. Vachss’s,Two Trains Running. That’s Saturday night at 6:30 p.m. Political and social change in an American town involving rival Italian and Irish mobs.

A June 29 happy birthday to Jack Christell; happy anniversary on June 30 to Anreh and Ray Mankaudis; July 1 and happy birthday to Kay Madden, Tim Flight, Virginia Collis, Scott McAdam, Ben Reina and Matt Montes; July 2: happy birthday to Shirley Kennedy, Shannon VanDiepen, Evelyn Lane, Sue Pyan and John Rossi and happy anniversary to Gert and Millard Phebus; on July 3, birthday greetings to Christy Lyn Cesario and Lucian Dubem; a July 4 ,happy birthday to Scott Kaup, Patricia Gotier, Nancy Lovell and Nicholas Faber Ross; July 5 and birthday wishes to Madalyn Little, Craig Lichtenberg and Emmett Byrne.

Enjoy your 4th of July!