The drought of 2005 has held all of Forest Park in its dessicating grip”everywhere, that is, except the Forest Park Aquatic Center where water rules supreme, and it takes no time at all to dry off when you get out. We sent our shutterbug over to The Park last weekend to check out one of the most popular destinations in the village these days. If nothing else, it provides a visual antidote to the parched conditions. And maybe by the time you read this, Hurricane Dennis will have spared us a few stray drops.

Clockwise from top: An embarrassment of riches, the pool’s liquidity is enough to make the surrounding trees turn, well, green with envy. Meanwhile, over in the sandbox, lifeguard Anna Colleran helps Sean Calvert fill his bucket, presumably to facilitate the building of sandcastles. Dylan Gruber, on the other hand, makes a fashion statement, wearing his swimsuit stylishly low. And Tyler Blaylock cools off after baking in the merciless sun.

Fortunately for Forest Parkers, this oasis is no mirage.

“Ken Trainor