Dear Jo Ann,

Thank you very much for your letter and sample of your big, bold, and beautiful handwriting. In today’s computer age, attractive handwriting is becoming a lost art, and your script demonstrates what good writing looks like.

You ought to write a note to all of your family and friends and ask them to keep it as a remembrance of you. After all, a person’s handwriting is as distinctive as his or her fingerprints, and your writing is truly exceptional, as is your personality.

In addition to being big, bold, and beautiful, your writing is rightward, connected, legible, rhythmic, and has exceptionally large capital letters and huge lower loops, and all of these characteristics give evidence as to your personality and character.

Your capital letters are disproportionally large as compared with your lower case letters, which are also large. Your big letters strongly reflect your subconscious drives and your feelings of self-importance, your desire to be observed, to accept challenges, and to impress. Your large script means that you are self-reliant, independent, optimistic, proud, generous, ambitious, formal, and diligent. You have a taste for art, music, religion, and a strong sense of honor. You hate being overlooked. Crudeness repulses you!

You like having things your own way, Jo Ann, so other may see you as aggressive, vain, and stubborn.

You have a lot of energy, strong willpower, great determination, and are a skilled and conscientious worker. You are also a deeply emotional and sensual person. You love beauty, elegance, and refinement. You appreciate pleasant odors, good music, and the discriminating use of color. Your senses are extremely keen, so you enjoy good food, drink, and sex. Because your sexual drive is so strong, you become very frustrated and restless if you do not have an adequate outlet, and this adds psychic confusion to your life. You are always trying to figure out why you feel the way you do. You spend a good deal of energy dealing with your strong emotional needs.

Jo Ann, you are a very bright person and you have a lot of initiative and drive as well as good organizational skills. You are sociable, enthusiastic, energetic, affectionate, idealistic, sensitive, serious, practical, and sincere.

In short, you are an incredibly gifted person with much talent to share. Your greatest challenge, as I see it, is to keep your very strong emotions under control while still using them positively.

Much luck to you and keep on writing.