Dear Sean,

Thank you very much for your letter and sample of your interesting and unusual handwriting.

It is interesting and unusual in that it is narrow, sharp, connected, has huge upper loops, and slants far to the right, except for the personal pronoun “I” which slants to the left.

Writing which slants means that you are emotionally responsive, sociable, active, spontaneous, enthusiastic, humanitarian, empathic, affectionate, friendly, forgiving, and compassionate.

However, your background I means that you judge yourself by an entirely different standard. The capital I is a self-symbol so you see yourself as very different from everyone else, and you are much more demanding and less forgiving of yourself than others. In fact, you are very hard on yourself, Sean, continually holding yourself accountable for nearly everything that does not work perfectly. Self-conquest and self-discipline are important to you, so you go about life with an attitude of independence, determination, caution, responsibility and controlled ambition.

Notice how tall your upper strokes are. These extremely high strokes show that you are idealistic and a perfectionist. You have strong spiritual aspirations and a desire to reach the unobtainable, so you are intellectual, sensitive, refined, restrained and disciplined. Unfortunately, this also makes you inhibited, difficult to understand, anxious, critical, skeptical, rigid, and you find it very difficult to lighten up and enjoy life. You are not very open minded, Sean, so you suffer from a lot of guilt and self condemnation due to your limited belief system.

Sean, your writing is filled with sharp angles (as opposed to smooth, rounded strokes) and this tells me that you are intelligent, strict, firm, decisive, conscientious, orderly and reliable. You are goal directed and have a contempt for laziness and easy living and you can be stubborn, domineering, and uncompromising. You are pitilessly logical!

Sean, your pride, ambition, idealism, dignity and logical thinking mean that you have exceptional and unusual gifts so you can have great potential for success. My hope for you is that you can learn to “smell the roses” and enjoy life along your road to achievement.

Good luck and much happiness to you.

P.S. I agree that a handwritten note or letter is important and helpful but make sure it is legible. Nothing is more frustrating than a letter than cannot be read.

Dr. Murray is a certified writing analyst, graduate of the International Graphoanalysis Institute and a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. He is also an experienced educator, school social worker and family therapist in Forest Park.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample of your writing on unlined paper. Please state your age and sex and any specific questions you would like addressed in the analysis. Send to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302. Your name will not be used.