For the many Forest Parkers who have written and called, here’s the most we can say right now; Mayor Calderone is aware of the problem at the library and he has promised to restore our once wonderful library facility to its former glory. We will have help from the Ilinois Library Association. It may take a while, but the future looks bright. More to come.

Kathleen Moritz is on a vigorous campaign to alert everyone to the need for smoke alarms, and not just near bedrooms. Kathleen wants you to have one in every room in your house. Her bright,handsome 23 year old son, Tanner, perished in a fire earlier this summer along with two of his friends. According to Kathleen, the young men’s lives could have been saved if more smoke alarms had been on the premises.

More congratulations are in order for the folowing Forest Park teachers who have completed the Master of Arts program at Olivet Nazarene University. From the Middle Schooll-Jim Becker, Dan Staser, Mary Norge-Drust, Mike Bakula, Debbie Hervai, Sarah Mores and Jan Patterson.

From Field Stevenson we have Dan Holleman; Garfield School can boast of Marilyn Goldenberg, 1st grade teacher Lynn Yopchick, kindergarten teacher Andrea Allison; 3rd grade teacher Caroline Weirath and fourth grade teachers Molly Brennan and Kelly Burrell.

For those of you who have not seen our handsome new editor (who is also very bright)Here is a picture of Editor Seth Stern.

Over at Centuries & Sleuths the G.K. Chesterton Society will discuss William Cobett at 2 p.m. on August 13. If you want to get a jump on the mystery discussion, on August 20 the book under discussion will be Bill Fitzhugh’s Pest Control, led by group leader Madelin Moon.

Happy birthday time for Rebecca Greskoviak, Jake Brown and Allison Pacyga on August 11; on the 12th happy 91st! birthday to Al Verri; on August 13, birthday wishes to Linda Brhel, Elizabeth Moravec and Dakota Stanger.; On August 14, the same to Grant Neubeiser and Lorraine Bourgeau. On the 15th Reid Thompson

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