An employee at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Circle Avenue, told police he was assaulted by a customer on Tuesday, August 2.

A Chicago taxi driver allegedly asked the employee if he could use the restaurant’s restroom. The employee found the restroom door locked, and said he knocked several times before using a spare key to open it.

Upon opening the door, he told police, Lee Newell of Maywood grabbed him by the collar and began striking him in the face with a closed fist and with the bathroom key ring.

The taxi driver tried to help the employee, but Newell allegedly attacked him as well, threatening “I am going to kill you.”

According to a police report, when Newell walked behind the store counter to look for a knife, a customer called police.

Newell was still at the scene when police arrived, and was arrested and charged with two counts of battery. He will appear in court at Maybrook on Sept. 5.


According to a report on file at the Forest Park police department, police received a call from a citizen August 1 alerting them that a woman had poured transmission fluid on the garage door of the Living World Christian Center on Roosevelt Road and smashed a car windshield in the parking lot with a rock.

Police found Mary James walking on Roosevelt with a large rock in her hand. When she was ordered to drop the rock, she refused and allegedly motioned as if she were going to throw the rock at the officer. The report states that she was then immobilized with a Taser gun.

James allegedly confessed to the crimes while in back of the police car. Officials at the church chose not to file a complaint, but the arresting officer filed a complaint and James was charged with one charge of assault. She will appear in court Sept. 27 at Maybrook.

Disorderly conduct

A Forest Park man was allegedly followed and harassed by two teens after refusing to give them the $2 they demanded.

The victim told police the two suspects approached him at 7406 Randolph while he was walking to get a sandwich on August 3. He said they blocked his path and told him “this is our neighborhood, you don’t belong here,” and requested $2.

The victim said one of the suspects was holding an empty beer bottle, and he was afraid he would strike him with the bottle. He said that a citizen drove up and offered to call police, but drove away after being threatened by the suspects.

After another onlooker called police, a River Forest officer who came to help canvas the area for the suspects found them walking in front of 7406 Randolph.

One of the suspects, Deandre S. Winfield, allegedly fled the scene on foot when the officer arrived. Another suspect, Lorenzo Blackmon, was taken into custody.

Winfield was later found hiding in a closet at the home of his uncle, Maurice Sanford.

The victim filed complaints for assault and disorderly conduct against the two suspects.


On August 2, police responded to a call reporting a traffic accident and allegedly found Miguel A. Soria of Chicago passed out in his 1995 Chevrolet Astro in the left turn lane on DesPlaines Avenue at Roosevelt Road.

The car was allegedly in drive with brake lights on, and multiple cars were attempting to get around it. An officer found Soria in the driver’s seat with his foot on the brake, and reached in to put the car in park and remove the key from the ignition. Two bottles of alcohol were visible on the center console, according to the police report.

Officers then spent two minutes attempting to wake Soria. When he came to, his speech was slurred and he appeared despondent, according to the report. Due to his inebriated state and his inability to speak English well, routine sobriety tests were not performed, but his blood alcohol level was measured at .253 upon arriving at the station.

He was charged with driving under the influence and several traffic offenses, and was also found to have an active warrant in Cook County. He is being held pending bond court at the Maybrook Circuit Court.


A resident of the 100 block of Beloit in Forest Park told police that on August 7, after he had just pulled his blue Chevrolet Impala into his garage to unload groceries, three males who appeared to be aged 15-17 approached him. One of the suspects allegedly pointed a black revolver at the victim, demanding that he give him his keys. Another suspect allegedly took his wallet while the suspect who took the keys pulled the car out of the garage, hitting and damaging a garage door at 1004 Ferdinand.

The victim told police that his car contained clothes, CDs, a gym bag, and groceries, and his wallet contained $40 in cash, three credit cards, and his drivers license.

“Compiled by Seth Stern

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department from August 3 to 9 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.