In two consecutive meetings of the village council, an item on the agenda was not voted on because commissioners said they had not received the information they needed to make an informed decision.

First, on July 25, Commissioner Patrick Doolin did not second a motion to grant James Shaw’s variance request because he had not seen certain specifics regarding the project. Then, on Monday, Commissioners Mark Hosty and Tim Gillian voted along with Mayor Anthony Calderone to delay the hiring of Paul Burris as Director of Public Works because they were lacking information regarding Burris’ proposed compensation package.

As Doolin pointed out at the meeting, the commissioners could have attained this information by simply contacting Village Administrator Michael Sturino (as Doolin himself could have done two weeks ago).

More important, though, is that the commissioners could have gotten the information by talking to each other.

We understand that there are some rather deep tensions between the commissioners. We are not asking that Hosty invites Steinbach over for Thanksgiving dinner, or that Doolin and Gillian go bowling together on a Friday night.

But when issues of importance to the residents of Forest Park are at hand, we do expect our elected officials to put their personal and political grudges aside and communicate with one another.

By not doing so, nothing is accomplished other than delaying decisions, increasing hostilities, and frustrating taxpayers.


A weekend of charity in Forest Park

Forest Park really turns out to help its own. And this weekend is the proof as three major charitable events roll out due to the efforts of passionate volunteers.

For the fourth year, Forest Park’s Relay for Life will offer cancer survivors and their friends and family an opportunity to come together for a night of unity and remembrance, capping off months of fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.

This year, the event will be followed by the first annual Swing for Life, a women’s softball tournament that organizers hope will raise an additional $10,000 for the ACS.

And Forest Park’s firefighters will take to the streets Friday for their annual Fill the Boots campaign to raise money for local residents suffering from muscular dystrophy.

Everyone who has ever been involved in mounting an event like these recognizes the long hours of hard work put in by volunteers and organizers to make these fundraisers a reality. We also commend the generosity of the numerous local businesses that sponsored the events or made contributions, and encourage our readers to do whatever they can to contribute to these praiseworthy efforts.