Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample. Your writing is heavy, thick, rising, rightward, connected, legible, fast and angular and these characteristics provide clues as to your personality and character.

By angular, I mean you have many sharp angles especially in your lowercase Ms and Ns. These sharp angles tell me that you have a very sharp mind. You learn quickly and without great effort. You have an analytical mind in that you are able to sift through information and discard that which is unimportant. You are continually seeking new knowledge and information and you draw your own conclusions rather than accepting someone else’s. You are never satisfied until you know the reason behind something.

You are disciplines, determined and decisive but you can also be stubborn, sarcastic and caustic.

Diann, the significant upslant on your script means that you are very optimistic. A general air of cheerfulness surrounds you and you always try to se the brighter side of any situation. You have faith in yourself and in the future and believe that your goals and ambitions will be realized and that things will turn out well.

Your handwriting is very heavy and thick, and this means you are an emotionally intense person. You have great energy, enthusiasm, strong will power, great self-confidence and tremendous self-control. You are fearless in pursuit of your goals, are able to make decisions, and are a very conscientious person. Your emotions are strong so you have quite a temper but fortunately you are usually able to control it.

Also, your tendency to use sarcasm to hold others at bay is mitigated by your sense of humor. People frequently interpret your sarcastic remarks as being humorous.

Your writing is large, Diann, especially your capital letters, and this means that you are proud, independent, self-reliant, bold, generous, serious, ambitious, idealistic and have a desire for greatness. You are a gifted person and realize that you have a responsibility to use your talents well and to make significant achievements in your life.

Therefore, you are a practical and realistic person. You are usually goal-minded, cooperative and purposeful. You are ambitious, hard working and sincere. Despite your many gifts you frequently feel socially isolated, because there are not many others like you out there.

The Bible tells us that to whom is given much will be demanded, and you are a person to whom much has been given.

Dr. Murray is a certified writing analyst, graduate of the International Graphoanalysis Institute and a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. He is also an experienced educator, school social worker and family therapist in Forest Park.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample of your writing on unlined paper. Please state your age and sex and any specific questions you would like addressed in the analysis. Send to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302. Your name will not be used.