A hearty welcome home to our wonderful firefighters Scott Popelka and Steve Glinke who have been unselfishly serving humanity down in New Orleans since shortly after the horror began.

Hooray for L. Hagen. who wrote about irresponsible dog walkers who don’t leash their pets. “He’ll do what I tell him, he won’t run away” is a typical remark. I’ve known many dearly loved dogs who, in a moment of excitement, did run off-to their peril. There is an ordinance about walking dogs on a leash in this town. It’s for the dog’s protection.

Congratulations to another McAdam. This time it’s Scott McAdam,Jr. son of Scott and Veronika McAdam of landscaping fame. Young Scott has been on the golf team, the track team, the foreign language club in his high school, and is performing community service. He is in the German National Honor Society, the National Honor Society, has a track varsity letter, all conference letter, and he broke a 27 year triple jump record! As if that isn’t enough, this super young guy is in the top 25 percent of his class, he earned an academic letter, was profiled in the student newspaper, was student of the month last April and earned his Eagle Scout badge! Whew! Give the kid a week off…to caddy, which he also does. He was recognized for superior academic achievement by the National Society of High School Scholars this year.

Congratulations to St. Peter’s Church’s good friend,Rev. Dr. Dean Lueking who was awarded the Ulyssean award for outstanding service to the community last week. The dinner in his honor was held at the Carlton Hotel in Oak Park. Seen with Rev. Lueking is Harold Rohlfing.

The band is practicing, the Harlem maennerchor and Damen chor are tuning up, and everyone is anxiously anticipating this year’s Oktoberfest to be held in St.Bernardine’s parking lot at Elgin & Harrison. The date is September 24 from noon until 10 p.m. Caroline Keeley, Zeno Jacquat, Peter Herdeg, Rich Murphy, Dan Michalak, Peter Shorner, Kevin Keating, Lisa Gill and others have been working hard to make sure everyone has a great time. The “Paloma Band” (authentic German, despite the name) will also furnish music and songs, a la Jimmy Buffet, I’m told .Traditions have to start sometime and Caroline assures me this is the start of a long tradition in Forest Park. So get out there and have fun.

P.J. Jargstorf of Genoa City, Wisconsin, son of Paul and Karen Jargstorf, will be married to Sarah Walls on Saturday September 24th . The Jargstorf family is a well known long time Forest Park Family and we wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness.

On September 21 Joseph J. Peterson will be five years old! Gene Fletcher also has a birthday; on the 22nd of September happy birthday to VanEsta Harris,Gigi Alfano ,and Peter Thiesse; on the 23rd Bishoy Saleeb;September 24 happy birthday wishes to Samantha Grams; on the 25th to Dana Caruso, Elsa Katlic, Linda Wojtas; and happy anniversary to Marge & Al Buccholtz; September 26;Caryn Lichtenberg, Lou Thompson, Mary Ann Munoz, Jason Almeroth, and happy anniversary to Connie and Ted Considine; September 27 happy birthday to Laura Zimmer and happy anniversary to Lori and Jim O’Shea.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and chop a bun.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...