A resident of the 830 block of Harlem Avenue reported returning home Sept. 28 to find that someone had gone through the drawers and shelves in his apartment.

Three people were at his apartment at the time, and they all told him they had not seen anyone go through his things. While he was looking through the house, one of the guests, Derek Courtney, left the house.

Courtney had been renting a room from Kevin Niefeldt, who was also at the apartment. He said he would return to pick Niefeldt up, but never did.

When Niefeldt returned to his apartment in Chicago, he found that Courtney’s things were gone and some of his own personal items were missing as well.

Courtney had told Niefeldt that he was from Florida and had a daughter in Naperville. When renting the room from Niefeldt, he said he owns a painting business in Florida and would be going back soon.

Items missing from the apartment on Harlem included a watch, two suits, a debit card, and a leather jacket.

Car stolen from gas station

Police responded to a report of a motor vehicle theft at the Marathon Station at 7323 Randolph on Sept. 28. The victim told police that he had left his car running to go in the store when he observed a man walking towards his car.

When he exited the store, he said, the man was already in the car and drove off westbound on Randolph.

Police canvassed the surrounding area with no results.

The victim said items that had been in the car included his wallet with his drivers license, credit cards, $185 cash and a paycheck for $900 as well as a cell phone, a check book, a CD book and a key ring with over 30 keys.

Beggar threatens passerby

A man called police Sept. 26 reporting that a beggar had threatened to kill him after he refused to give him money at the Osco at 7216 Circle Ave.

Police responded and found a female sitting by the store’s front door, who said she was waiting for her boyfriend. Police asked her if her boyfriend had threatened anyone, and she responded that “it was the other guy’s fault.”

The man, William Whalen of Elmwood Park, soon came out of the store, and appeared intoxicated.

Police asked if he had threatened anyone, and he said that the other man had actually threatened him.

Police asked him if he had been begging, and he said “only for a beer to take to Mills Park.”

The man who called police reported that when he had refused the couple’s request for money, Whalen said that he would kill him if he didn’t leave.

The couple was placed in custody for local ordinance violations.


Police responded to a call Sept. 29 reporting a burglary at 7227 Dixon St.

They were met by the victim and the building’s owner. The victim said that her 13 year old daughter had returned home to find the apartment’s rear door open, and had called her.

When she arrived, she found that a Magnavox DVD player and a checkbook were missing from the apartment. She said it appeared the offender had exited through the front door, as the door was unlocked when she got home.

The building owner told police that he and a repairman had been inside the apartment that morning, and that the rear door was locked and appeared undamaged. He said he had secured the apartment after the repair work was complete.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between Sept. 26 and Oct. 2 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not yet been adjudicated.

“Compiled by Seth Stern