Last week on the subject of police officer activity came up. On, members chime in with their own experiences to add to a topic. Sometimes a question is asked of the Mayor or other officials. Sometimes they answer. However, no answer came to the web board. Instead, a personal letter from Chief Ryan arrived at my home via U.S. Mail about “complaints” I made against the police department.

I hadn’t made any complaint to the police department so the letter puzzled me. What the Mayor and Chief did was akin to responding via letter to something they overheard in a restaurant. The question is ” why only me? Why not the other posters who commented?

The Chief and I went back and forth via e-mail: I didn’t make a complaint, he was told I did, I said if it wasn’t under “Wozniak” he shouldn’t worry about it, etc. I ended by saying that either the Mayor or the Chief should have responded to the question on the web board instead of sending me a letter. I repeatedly thanked Chief Ryan for his concern, and I repeatedly said I’d contact him if I needed his assistance.

For most people, this would have been the end. But because my name is Marcy Wozniak and because I have continued to challenge the authorities on their behavior, I have been singled out.

The end of my story came when the Mayor, in an attempt to harass and intimidate me, sent THIS e-mail in response to my correspondence with Chief Ryan. Some paragraphs and sentences have been excluded for brevity’s sake: ( name XXXXXd out for privacy reasons):

“Dear Marcy:

I would have hoped that you could at very least not try to masquerade that fact that on (date and time deleted)… you made a posting on under the anonymous name ‘XXXXXXXX’ …

In a genuine attempt the Chief of Police provided you with factual based information with regard to this incident…

I have every reason to believe it was you as I don’t think you would give someone the latitude to sign in with your anon name especially since you are a moderator of that discussion group.

You could have very easily said to the Chief, thank’s for clearing this up.

I know it doesn’t have the same sexy flair as it would on, but at least it is accurate.

Anytime you have questions about the conduct or performance of a member of our police department you can call Chief Ryan directly and get the correct answer, so consider this your notice that you can do so.

Mayor Calderone”

Forest Park citizens – ponder these three questions: Why do the Mayor and Chief Ryan spend village paid time addressing issues on a non-village website? Is this an appropriate way for an elected official to address a citizen? Does the Mayor use this tone to address all Forest Park citizens?

Mayor, if only you’d written that last paragraph on when asked what people could do, I wouldn’t be writing this letter. Did you honestly believe that you could harass and intimidate me? Shame on you, Mayor. I’ll accept apologies from both you and the Chief either by phone or by letter.

Marcy Wozniak