Co-owner Nelson Ameer said that he was initially looking to open a salon in Oak Park or River Forest, but “as soon as I turned down Madison, I felt the vibe of the area.”

The name Macdaddy’s, he said, started out as a joke but ended up sticking. “We wanted a name that has nothing to do with what we do…to make people curious,” he said.

He said that the salon has been more successful than he had ever hoped, and credits the collaborative spirit of Madison Street merchants for much of this success.

Ameer, who also works as a stylist at Macdaddy’s, prides himself in the salon’s casual atmosphere, and encourages stylists to come to express their own unique personalities and styles.

Ameer and his partner Veronica Garza have operated the original Macdaddy’s at 1035 W. Lake St. in the West Loop for eight years.