For its October meeting, the group Citizens United in Forest Park (CUinFP) will be offering a training class for those who wish to become a Deputy Voter Registrar. The program, given by representatives from the Cook County Board of Elections, teaches and certifies people to be able to register citizens to vote.

The class will be offered at the Forest Park Community Center on Jackson and Desplaines at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 27. In order to take the class, one must be a registered voter in Illinois.

“Registering citizens to vote is a primary function of CUinFP and as a Deputy Registrar, you too can play a part in this vital civic process,” said CUinFP President Steve Backman.

After completing the class, registrars are permitted to register voters anywhere in the state, whether on their own or with a group.

Those interested in taking the class should register by either emailing or calling (708) 771 2478 with their name and address as it appears on their voter registration card.

“Submitted by Steve Backman