Thanks for helping Katrina evacuees in FP
I am writing to thank you for the lovely article you wrote regarding Forest Park’s new resident hurricane Katrina evacuees. Amy and her family are getting settled and we are continuing to try to assist them by coordinating donations, etc. Her “wish list” is dwindling and it seems that she is starting to get back to her new definition of normal (for now). That being said, I would like to publicly thank the following individuals and organizations for their generosity and hard work in helping to bring this all together in such a short span of time: Liam Mahoney of Mahoney Express, The Forest Park Community Center, Butch Novak of the Villager Grocery Store, Citizens United in Forest Park, Pat Malone of McGaffer’s, Mike Trant of Duffy’s, Cathy and Jim Shaw of Doc Ryan’s, Dave and Kathleen Moritz, Rich & Rose Krieger, Melanie & Eric Bland, Judy Kovacs, Midge Fielden, Pat Moran, Richard Polfus, Jimmy Walsh, Sally Cody, Karen Dylewski and countless others. This is such a great example of how our community can make such a difference by helping each other.

Brian and Vanessa Moritz

Charges dismissed, resignation requested
In your August 2, 2005 issue there was an article by Seth Stern titled “Doc Ryan’s owner arrested after council meeting,” with the subtitle “Variance request leads to verbal outburst and confrontation.” I appeared in court on October 4 for these charges and I would like to follow up on the outcome of these issues. The outcome, my fellow readers, was that there was no outcome. After interviewing witnesses, the State’s attorney decided to drop all charges. I am sure that if the outcome went in favor of Doolin, my name and my business name would be splashed all over the paper in the same way it was in August. As the outcome was favorable to me and clearly a disappointment to Commissioner Doolin I also knew nothing would appear in the October 5 issue of your paper. I cannot have your readers hold the vision of my “verbal tirade” and “outburst” held in their minds as Mr. Stern stated.

From the beginning I have supported Mayor Calderone, Commissioner Gillian and Commissioner Hosty, and this support I am sure lead to what was done to me by two village employees after a Village Council meeting had been adjourned back in August. On that night, I was indeed arrested, handcuffed, had my fingerprints and mugshot taken, and locked in a cell. What was thee major crime I had committed? I called Patrick Doolin a name. That’s all. No physical threat and no verbal threat. I just called him a name. What was Commissioner Doolin’s reaction to this name calling? He went right to his real estate business partner, Lt. Steve Johnsen of the Forest Park Police, and told him to have me arrested. My arrest was made under the orders of Lt. Johnsen using false statements. Lt. Johnsen was told by witnesses of the incident that no crime had been committed, but he went along with his business partner and had me arrested anyway. That was wrong. We will find out how wrong when the trials and hearings begin.

The actions of Lt. Johnsen and Patrick Doolin were clearly a violation of proper police procedure and probably the law. The courts will decide. I believe that Lt. Johnsen and Mr. Doolin used their positions to have me falsely arrested. I have requested a complete and thorough investigation in regards to this incident.

These two men seem to have forgotten that we live in America. We have a Constitution, we have a Bill of Rights with number one being the freedom of speech. Many people since 1776 have given their lives in defense of the Constitution, and they just disregarded it completely. You cannot arrest someone and put him in jail just because they called you a name.

In closing, let me remind you Mr. Doolin and Lt. Johnsen, when you were sworn into your respective positions you took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You have broken your oath and I feel you should resign from your positions immediately.

Jim Shaw
Doc Ryan’s