You saw Chuck Brod on the front page of last week’s Review,well here he is again in case you want to have another look at him. If ever a man must have felt like George Bailey on Christmas Eve, it must have been Chuck at his retirement dinner last week. He truly is the richest man in Forest Park. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and respect. A lifetime of doing the right thing, meeting responsibilities, giving lots of time to a task when you’re tired or discouraged, admitting you’re wrong sometimes and just being there when you’re expected to be there. He presided over the library board during difficult times, worked well with the director and all the library employees. He spent endless hours with budget problems, architects, contractors, and on and on. At Chuck’s retirement dinner Mayor Calderone remarked at what a great job Chuck had done for the village and for the library.

Mayor Calderone has called for a special open meeting of the library board and any interested library patrons on Tuesday evening, October 25th at 7 p.m. in the Austin Meeting Room of the library.

Congratulations to Rev. Roy Christell son of Jack and Shirley Christell of Marengo Avenue. Twenty five years ago young Roy and his wife Terry were sent to Lake St Louis, Missouri to establish a mission there. Now Roy’s little mission has developed into a congregation of 1000 members and they have built a million dollar sanctuary. Roy was honored for his accomplishments last weekend, October 8 and 9. The Christells belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

It’s time to gather up your old or unwanted books for the November book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Forest Park Library on Friday November 11, Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13. For more information call 708.366.7171. Books, magazines, videos, and cds are all needed, especially children’s books.

There’s a good movie suitable for family viewing on October 23rd 2 p.m. at the library. Mary and Rick Hollander will supply the popcorn.

Tim Lore is the new chaplain for the VFW post in town. He has also been accepted at the graduate school of Roosevelt University where he intends to pursue a master’s degree in American History. Congratulations to Tim!

Beverly Thonmpson wants to remind everyone once again of the Cindy Lyons Health Fair at the Howard Mohr Community Center November 2nd. Get your flu shot, mammogram, blood pressure, etc. For transportation call 771.7737. She has lots of exciting trips on tap for Novmeber and December. Get your name on a waiting list if the reservations are full. There are always last minute cancellations.

Identity theft seminar to be presented by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday October 18th at 1 p.m. Learn how not to be a victim. Reservations are required. Call 771 7737. It’s at the Howard Mohr Community Center.

The Paul Lindblad Choristers will entertain at the annual Advent Christmas Music Feast St. John Lutheran Church 305 Circle Saturday, December 10,4:30 p.m. Tickets are $35.

Centuries & Sleuths will be celebrating their 15th anniversary November 6th Big plans afoot..

Speedy recovery to Marge Weber who is making progress in rehab at Oak Park Hospital.

Forest Park’s deepest sympathy goes to Wayne Garbe on the tragic death of his young son Matt.

Sympathy to Bea Brennan and the Brennan family on the death of Bill Brennan.

Forest Park is also saddened by the deaths of longtime teacher Pat Vastine, who worked at Forest Park’s public schools for over 40 years, and Gwen Byers, who died Sunday in Higley, Arizona. Gwen was the mother of Dick, Carol and Janet Oliver. Sympathy goes out to family and friends.

Happy anniversary to Charlotte and Frank Chiero on October 12; and happy birthday to Bob Scheiwe and Bernice Abbott on the 12th; October 13 is happy birthday time for Bill Plumtree, Laura Hein, Barbara Sedlak; on the 14th birthday greetings to Nicholas Radkiewicz, Kim Dorney, Gerogia Becker, John Rice, Anna Snyder, Gwen Byars, Sean Patrick Sullivan and Jack Vainisi; on the 15th to Jim Murray and Laurie Kokenes; October 16 is the birthday of Jillian Dorney, Rich Boyer,Pat Mullen,Hannah Fink and the anniversary of Nancy and Phil Blum; October 17 is happy birthday day for Susan Blazek, Carl Bachner, Bridget Cote, Beverly Thonpson and Catherine Treiber; on the 18th Samantha Jilek, Shayna McIlquman, Fred Schildt, Poomba Marrocco; October 19 and happy birthday to Diane Barron, Ken Trainor, Tim Bode and Irma Koch.

That’s it for this week. Chop a bun.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...