The “Who is pulling the strings?” article in the Review last week was interesting, but was not accurate. The author stated that former Chief Ed Pope was fired by Mayor Calderone, but this is not true, as he resigned as Police Chief. I think there is a big difference between being fired and resigning. Also, it was written that Mayor Calderone was outraged about the sexual harassment.

Here is a direct quote from the January 14th, 2004, Chicago Tribune article, “Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone said in an interview Tuesday that the village has consistently denied any wrong-doings by police officials. He would not say why the village decided to settle”. Here is a direct quote from the February 25th, 2004, Forest Park Review article, “Though these two officers’ charges are now settled, the village did not, at any time, admit liability,” Mayor Anthony Calderone said. “A release of claims signals only the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim, Calderone explained. We still continue to deny liability.”

There is more as Mayor Calderone is quoted as saying he believed the village would have been found “not guilty” had the case gone to trial. This does not sound like a man who was outraged about the sexual harassment that happened during his administration. I understand that as a newspaper it makes sense to present both sides of a story or opinion, but at least try and be accurate.

Cris Harder