Here is Doris Phillips who was incorrectly identified as somebody else a few weeks ago. The name I used was that of a former Forest Parker, now gone. Doris is the young woman who celebrated her birthday with the community center travelers in South Dakota this year. Sorry about the mistake.

Last Sunday at our library, children’s fiction writer, Leone Anderson talked to us about her books “Sean’s War” and “Sean’s Quest” and how she wrote them. Several Forest Park young people attended and even asked some pretty good questions after Mrs. Anderson’s presentation. Budding young writers at the program were Cameron Cole, Davion Barr, Malik Ware, Demarco Ware, Tevian Russell, Trivia Curry, Ashley Mendez, Thomas Curry, Tierra Curry and Latanisha Jones. There were a few others, but unfortunately I didn’t get their names.

Peggy Mylady went to see “Opera in Focus” with the Oak Park Hospital Auxiliary last week. Some of you may remember the glorious days of Kungsholm Grand Opera in Miniature. Many of these puppets and operas can still be enjoyed in William Fosser’s puppet productions at Park Central at 3000 Central Road in Rolling Meadows. During the month of December an abridged three act version of “Hansel and Gretel” will be presented. Bring the kids, they will love, love it! So will you. The phone number is (847) 818 3220 or the web site is

There may still be a few seats left for Meeting of the Minds at Centuries & Sleuths on Friday and/or Saturday, November 4th and 5th. This part of the 15th anniversary celebration of our beloved book store on Madison Street will feature John Kearney, Madelin Moon, Tracy Aleksy,and John Rice. On Sunday, the 6th of November there’ll be even more celebrations with several local authors in attendance.

Start looking around for old books (or new ones) you may want to donate to the Friends of the Forest Park Library book sale November 11, 12 and 13. Karen Childs is responsible for the interesting display in the entrance this month.

Ramya Bavikatte is back in town after an exciting vacation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She and her friend took a long side trip to Rio de Janeiro before her return trip to the U.S.

The party honoring Father Nestor was heartwarming and attended by throngs of Father Nestor’s former friends and new friends at Our Lady of Fatima / Saint Anne parish. He was with us for a short time but managed to work his way into the hearts of the parishioners of St.Bernardine’s. We wish him well in his new venture.

O’Shea has a copy of Joan Biskupic’s biography of Sandra Day O’Connor which will be featured at Centuries & Sleuths. On December 9th the author will be signing copies of this book and no doubt relating some fascinating information she unearthed in her research. The book deals with interesting Supreme Court decisions of the last twenty years and is very readable. It’s done in a reader-friendly style: easy to understand and informative. Get yourself a copy. The author will sign it if you buy it at Augie’s.

Belated happy birthday to Tierra Curry on October 20; on October 26 birthday wishes go to Jamie Stetler, Samantha Zaverdas, Dick Byars, Josie Becker, and happy anniversary to Connie and Ralph Considine; on October 27 Kay Duff has a birthday as does Drew Christopher Frank; on October 28 happy birthday to Charlotte Lavnick, Chloe Hillis, Annette Stetler and Rich Bisluk; October 29 happy birthday to Cory Fink, Marjorie Beyer and John Griffin and happy anniversary to Tom and Hazel Esposito; on October 30 Ryan Neff is a year older and Mary and Peter Brown have a wedding anniversary; happy birthday wishes also go to Tony Iannantuoni, Helen Dvorak and Pat Uphughes; on the 31st happy birthday to Karen Woods, Spencer Brooks three year old Jessica Emily Dodge and two year old Samuel Bland; on into November already and happy birthday to Alina Murguia Uphues, Kevin Michael Massoth, Sean Thiesse and Michael Fabre; November 2 is Robyn Popelka’s birthday!

Thanks again for your time. Chop a bun!

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...