An officer responding to a Nov. 5 report of a disturbance at Deko’s, 7455 Madison St., encountered John Jay Boeldt of Oak Park outside the restaurant. The officer observed that Boeldt was swaying, had bloodshot eyes, and smelled of liquor, and was informed by another officer already on the scene that he had allegedly been inside the business yelling and creating a scene.

When approached, Boeldt told the officer “You can’t do anything to me, I know Amy Rita.” The officer told Boeldt he didn’t care who he knew and asked for his ID, and Boeldt complied.

The officer spoke to a Deko’s employee, who said that Boeldt had walked into the restaurant and reportedly screamed “Where’s my food?” When he was told he’d have to order and pay for a meal, he said “I know Pete (Briggs, Deko’s owner) and he said come in here anytime, you don’t have to pay.”

When the employee said that he could not give Boeldt free food without Briggs’ permission, Boeldt reportedly began screaming obscenities, walked behind the counter, removed a picture from the wall and left.

Boeldt told police the picture was his and he would not return it, and was placed into custody for theft and the local ordinance violations breach of peace and public intoxication.

Police contacted Briggs mother, who told them that Briggs knew Boeldt and the two would settle the problem amongst themselves.


Raid on suspected drug dealer’s home turns up empty

After receiving numerous complaints from neighbors of suspected drug dealing, police began staking out an apartment at 7437 Washington. On Nov. 3, police saw a vehicle drive up to the apartment. A man took the outdoor staircase up to the 2nd floor, and came out about three minutes later.

Police stopped the man for speeding at Lathrop and Jackson, and upon searching the car found three baggies of suspected cocaine. He was arrested, and told police that he purchased the drugs from a dealer at that location on a weekly basis.

Police stopped another man who had made a brief visit to the apartment the same day, and found 1.3 grams of suspected cocaine in his possession. He told police that he had purchased the drugs in Chicago.

The following day, police executed a search warrant at the apartment. After receiving no answer from inside, the officers forced entry. A woman later ran out the front door, but was stopped on the front porch and taken back inside.

Two other women, all with the same name as the alleged dealer, were also in the apartment. Police found a chrome Smith and Wesson .357 revolver in the hallway outside the apartment’s front door, but found no cocaine.

They found several baggies with the corners torn off that resembled cocaine packaging as well as well as a metal razor and a scale. The three women denied any knowledge of usage or sale of cocaine, and told police that the alleged dealer had been in Iowa for two weeks. One of the women told police that the baggies’ corners were removed because she uses them for vitamins. Nobody would tell police who the gun belonged to.

The gun was sent for forensic testing, and all other items recovered by police were inventoried as evidence.


Domestic battery

Police responded to a call reporting a domestic battery on the 7200 block of Dixon on Nov. 6. They were met by a woman who said she was dating a man who had struck her, causing bruises below her right eye and on her inner thigh.

She told police that they could likely find the alleged batterer at an apartment on the 400 block of Marengo where he used to live. The resident of that apartment allowed police to search his home, but they did not find the person.

The woman told police that she and the alleged batterer had been at the apartment on Marengo drinking, and later went back to her apartment. An argument ensued after the man called a friend to pick him up, and he allegedly struck her with a closed fist.

The woman said that after she kicked him out of her apartment, she searched for him and saw him enter the apartment on Marengo.

The woman refused medical attention, and was given information on the Illinois Domestic Violence Act and contact information for Sarah’s Inn.


Truck shot with BB gun

A man told police that the passenger side window of the U-Haul truck he was driving had been broken by another driver after a traffic altercation near Roosevelt and Desplaines. The other vehicle, he said, was a black late model Cadillac last seen driving southbound on Circle.

The car was located and curbed by police, and though the driver admitted being involved in the altercation he would not say how the window was broken. One of the passengers, Lavonte Moore of Hillside, then told the officer “Man, I did it.”

Moore was taken into custody, and police found a BB gun concealed in the rear passenger armrest next to his seat in the car. Moore told police that after the altercation, he reached into the armrest and shot the truck with the BB gun.


” Compiled by Seth Stern


These items were taken from the records of the Forest Parl Police Department between Nov. 2 and 9 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.