Forest Park’s Golden Apple 5K Run most successful ever
In an interview that appeared in an article in the Forest Park Review on March 30, 2005, I was quoted as saying: “It is the first race ever in Forest Park and we thought it would be a lot of fun to blaze a new trail.” Mayor Calderone, in the same article was quoted as saying: “We don’t really know what the full benefit is going to be yet.”

This past Sunday, November 6, 2005 we all found out. The results show it was a record number of runners and walkers, 350 people signed up as runners/walkers and donors and 282 crossed the finish line, in the 9th year of the Golden Apple 5K Run/Walk.

The winner this year was Adam Crandall of Hannibal, NY. The 2nd place finisher was Run Chicago’s Dan Fieravanti of Wheaton.

This year the Golden Apple Foundation has more than doubled the net amount of money made in any of the other 8 races.

The difference was the help and support of the people who really made this all come together. The Village’s slogan of “Big city access, Small town charm” proved quite accurate. The only other thing that it doesn’t necessarily tell, but we found out, is the genuine “community spirit” that the people of Forest Park and the surrounding communities exhibited.

We had relied on the sponsors who had helped us in the past, Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services, Beulah Land Nutritionals and ourselves. As word spread new local sponsors emerged and thanks to Whole Foods, Leona’s, Run Chicago and Forest Park National Bank & Trust for their support. This genuine interest in the charitable aspect of the Golden Apple Foundation’s Annual Run/Walk from individuals and businesses alike in the Forest Park community was very gratifying.

We thank you all for your contributions: from volunteering, buying cups and garbage bags, providing food and raffle prizes, to Stacy Taxman for providing the space as refuge when it misted. A thank you especially for the thorough job the Forest Park Village Police officers and auxiliary officers did for the race and community.

We are busy at work finalizing the dates and sponsors for 2006. You’ll be hearing about it soon.

See you next year for another fun and bigger Golden Apple 5K Walk/Run in Forest Park.

Timothy M. Kenny

Nevermind about the oil change
I’d like to compliment the manager of Consolidated Tire for his email to me and more than adequate compensation for my car servicing/oil change. I apologize for making any irreparable statements to the contrary.

Nancy Bower

Note: In last week’s paper, a letter sent by Ms. Bower alleged that she was charged “a lot” more than the advertised $14.95 price for an oil change at Consolidated Tire. Her receipt, sent to the Review from Consolidated Tire, showed that the only extra charge was a $2 oil removal fee, which Bower acknowledged was stated in the coupon she used. The Review apologizes for any false impressions that resulted from the letter.

Starbucks can’t compare to previous tenant
As I walk past Starbucks and the new condominiums, I feel sad. The new tenants will not know that they replaced an important vital animal shelter for the surrounding villages. The new buildings are not a happy site, and they shouldn’t be for animal lovers. I have nothing against Starbucks, but I somehow doubt that Forest Park needs an overpriced coffee shop. Why can’t Forest Park consider a small shelter for at least its own strays? It doesn’t have to be the size of the old Ark, nor does it have to be a major street. Innumerable dogs and cats die so that people can shop at corporate owned stores and own condos.

Mark Maller

‘Outstanding’ wedding reception at Jimmy’s Place
Kudos to Jimmy’s Place on Madison for providing outstanding service and an ideal setting for our wedding reception this past October. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Owner Jimmy Jodoin managed the process flawlessly. From the initial planning stages through the last drink served, he ensured every detail was just right.

Also, we can’t say enough about Jimmy’s staff. The service was superior. One hundred and fifty guests converged on Jimmy’s Place at the same time and no one waited for a drink. Everyone sat for dinner at the exact same time and it was served within minutes. Looking back, we still can’t figure out how they did it…it was miraculous!

And the food was amazing. Our guests are still raving about it weeks later.

It’s clear everyone at Jimmy’s Place put their heart into making this event a huge success, and it wouldn’t have been the same without their dedication, commitment and personal attention. They exceeded our expectations in every way and are deeply grateful.

Michael and Kathleen Redmond