It was a grand celebration in observance of the 15th anniversary of Centuries & Sleuths on Sunday, November 6. On hand to enjoy the festivities were authors Mark Zubro and Barb D’Amato, the first authors who were present at Augie’s and Tracy’s grand opening in 1990. Shown with the authors are, as you probably already know, Tracy and Augie Aleksy. Grand prize winners Marcia Boblitz and Joe May are shown with Augie and their grand prizes, a C&S bag filled with history and mystery books. How appropriate for Joe who is a lifetime member of the Oak Park River Forest Historical Society.

Everyone was delighted to see John and Cathy Trageat the party. They are great readers and faithful patrons of C&S.

Great news for the squirrels and other wildlife in the state of Illinois! Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka is the newest member of the Squirrel Lovers Society! Her chances of being our next governor look very good, as even Democrats are saying she is their favorite Republican. So animal lovers of Illinois unite and help put Judy into the governor’s mansion. Squirrel lovers of the state UNITE!

Speaking of Treasurer Topinka, her dear, long time friend,Nancy Bower is anxious about her friend Judy. Nancy is sitting home regretting the hasty letter she dashed off about an oil change. She was more than compensated for the discrepancy, treated very well by the management and has nothing but good things to say about the incident. Chalk it up to a case of nerves, we all get that from time to time. Nancy Bower is usually a real humanitarian.

Happy anniversary to Tony and Marilyn Innantuoni on November 18, and happy birthday to Chris Brower that same day; on November 19 happy birthday to Aaron Apilado way off in New York City and also to Bill Kenny, Rich Bothie, Pay Carey, Sara Scheiwe, Nichlas Mear, Inga Sieger and Suzanne Jasper; on the 20th Chris and Dennis Roselli have a wedding anniversary; on the 21st of November birthday greetings go to Amy Huynh out in Arizona, to Lillian Sansone now one of the high risers in town and to Mary Jane Caserio; November 22 is happy birthday time for Lisa Haeger and Nicholas Mangiaracina; Alex Trage has a birthday on the 23rd.

Thanks for listening, chop a bun. Hope you got some good bargains at the library book sale.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...