A man was recently arrested for a string of Forest Park burglaries after items he had allegedly stolen from three separate homes were located at an Oak Park pawnshop.

The suspect, Joseph Lindsey of Ohio Street in Chicago, cooperated with investigators, providing receipts for the items he had pawned at Cash America Pawn Shop at 6303 W. North Avenue.

Among the items he pawned were a 27-inch TV and Sony DVD player and speaker system allegedly stolen from an apartment on the 7500 block of Brown Avenue on Oct. 18.

Also found at the pawnshop were a Memorex DVD player, Aiwa stereo system and 60 DVDs, allegedly taken from a home on the 7400 block of Dixon Street on Oct. 14, and a women’s diamond ring and watch allegedly stolen from the 7300 block of Dixon on Sept. 24.

The residents of the three homes all accompanied investigators to the pawn shops and identified their property. Lindsey allegedly received a total of $510 from the pawn shop in exchange for the goods. He was already in custody at Cook County Jail for an unrelated matter when he was interviewed regarding the burglaries in November.

He waived his Miranda rights and agreed to sign statements acknowledging his involvement in the crimes, according to a report on file at the Forest Park Police Department. He also signed photos of the stolen merchandise, and was identified in a photo lineup by one of the pawnshop’s employees.

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