The Forest Park Dist. 91 school board approved a tax levy last week that would increase funding by 4.9 percent. However, Supt. Randy Tinder said last month the district can realistically expect to receive an increase of just 3.3 percent, or the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The board voted last Thursday to request a tax levy of $11,184,069 for the year, up from $10,661,648 in 2004.

The vast majority of the funds being requested are intended for the educational fund, with $9,714,733 to be levied for educational purposes. The district is also requesting $638,198 for its operations and maintenance fund and $206,565 for transportation purposes.

Since the increase is under 5 percent, no special Truth in Taxation hearing was required.

The board did not ask for an increase in its levy in 2004 because of the referendum it passed that March, which brought its tax rate up from $2.38 per $100 of Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) to $3.38.

Buckley moves out of district, resigns from board

Immediately after Sean Blaylock, the father of four Grant-White Elementary School students, was sworn in as the school board’s newest member, the board voted to accept the resignation of Larry Buckley, who has moved out of the district.

“We got a lot of things accomplished in the six years I’ve been there. I feel bad for leaving, but I’m comfortable leaving because the board they have now is headed in the right direction,” said Buckley, who now resides in Riverside.

Buckley’s term was set to end in 2009. According to Tinder’s assistant, Mary Ann Spratt, resumes have been received for the opening but no decisions have yet been made.