Dear Joseph,

Thank you very much for your note. I’m glad your friend Carol was able to convince you to submit a sample of your writing for analysis, even if only to satisfy your curiosity and skepticism.

You have very nice handwriting, Joseph. It is neat, legible, rightward, wide (spaces between letters and words), and heavy. You use a felt tip pen because a regular pen cannot capture the intensity of your feelings. This heavy writing tells me that you have a great deal of energy and vitality. You are conscientious, persistent and determined. Your emotions are intense and long lasting, and your senses are keen. You are a refined person who needs and wants beauty, music, good food, pleasant odors, and discriminating use of color to satisfy you strong sensual needs. You are ambitious, sensitive, goal minded, sociable, and extroverted, but you do have a tendency toward extravagance.

Your writing has a fairly significant right slant so I know you are adaptable, enthusiastic, optimistic, generous, and affectionate.

Unfortunately, you can also be restless, impatient, vain, skeptical, and aggressive.

Joseph, you writing is wide. You have wide spaces between letters and especially between words. These wide spaces indicate a considerable degree of reserve and caution, thoughtfulness, and even shyness. You are frank and honest so you present something of a paradox in that you are a cautious and careful extrovert.

You are a bright guy. You have a quick and analytical mind, along with the fluency to think and act quickly and smoothly. You have the ability to speak and write well, and have a flare for showmanship. You probably should be in a theater group or some other activity which allows you to display your gifts and talents before the public.

Your handwriting has good balance and rhythm, Joseph, so I know you have a healthy ego, emotional stability, composure, dependability, and perseverance.

In addition to these qualities, you are also sincere, a self starter, tolerant, loyal, practical, logical, careful to details, and have a strong desire for clear communication and understanding.

These are just some of the characteristics and qualities your handwriting shows about you, Joseph. What do you think?

I believe you should listen very carefully when your friend Carol tells you something. She knows whereof she speaks.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dr. Murray is a certified writing analyst, graduate of the International Graphoanalysis Institute and a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. He is also an experienced educator, school social worker and family therapist in Forest Park.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample of your writing on unlined paper. Please state your age and sex and any specific questions you would like addressed in the analysis. Send to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302. Your name will not be used.