The Village of Forest Park unveiled its newly remodeled website this week, designed to enhance user-friendliness and accessibility while adding new features and services previously unavailable online.

“We feel like this website is going to be a lot easier to use. There’s not as much redundancy as on the old site,” said Administrative Assistant Sally Cody.

The front of the website, which was officially launched Tuesday, prominently features a photograph of Madison Street with the Sears Tower visible in the background alongside Forest Park’s official logo and slogan, “Big city access, small town charm.”

One of the new features that will likely catch the eyes of visitors is an online bill-paying option. Though for now only water bills can be paid online, the village eventually plans to set up an online payment system for parking tickets as well.

The site also contains a service request form, allowing residents to inform the village of their need for services, including garbage removal, bike registration, graffiti removal, street-sweeping, tree-trimming and many others.

The site also contains easy-to-find instructions for contacting elected officials, getting a parking pass or building permit, and submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, among other options.

“[Before, people had trouble finding contact names and numbers to get in touch with the village, so we sort of put that everywhere,” said Cody.

Residents will also be able to download council meeting minutes and agendas as well as applications for jobs available at village hall. The site also features event listings, census data, and a list of frequently asked questions.

The site was designed by Anthony Zito of Berwyn-based Saber Toothed Computing.

“Seth Stern