The attached letter was written to President Richard Nixon by Elvis Presley in December of 1970, seven years before he passed away and approximately fourteen years since he rose to fame.

The writing was large, very heavy, not very neat or legible, and was lacking in rhythm.

The heavy, pasty writing meant that Elvis was very intense emotionally. His senses were keen and he loved food, color, music, and sex and was inclined to overindulge. The pressure he put on his pen showed both his sensuality and his creativity. He felt things intensely and when appropriate outlets were not available to him he became undisciplined in seeking sensual pleasure.

The baseline (invisible line) of his writing was very erratic. The writing rose and fell in an undisciplined manner, and this revealed an inconsistent, moody, and changeable nature. He became an eccentric, lacking in willpower, and he experienced confusion between illusion and reality.

The very heavy writing along with the inconsistent baseline caused the rhythm of his writing to be poor. His script was not very attractive or legible, and this suggests impairment due to alcohol or drugs.

The large Y in Presley shows a dominant lower zone which means he had become very self-analytical, idealistic, and a perfectionist. He was dominated by powerful unconscious forces and felt confused over his identity.

His capital Is lack both upper and lower loops and this suggests that he was feeling like an orphan, abandoned in death by both his mother and father and not really mature enough to manage on his own. Because he was so insecure everything in his life was approached with nagging doubt and fearfulness, probably making him retreat to more drugs for security.

Elvis used very large capital letters and this showed that he was ambitious, proud, formal, religious, honorable, and loved being observed, but he could also be vain, pretentious, could show off, and act in bad taste. He was impressed by people with power and position.

His T crossings were all over (some high, some low, some long, some short) as were his emotions. He was irritable, easily annoyed, and under considerable tension. He easily became angry and said things he was sorry for later. He had almost no self-control or self-discipline.

He was in need of outside intervention, but apparently did not receive it. He was out of control emotionally and physically, so his substance abuse became worse, and this made his contact with reality more tenuous.

Had he received appropriate therapies at this time in his life, I believe he could have recovered and regained much of his former confidence, and revived his musical career.

P.S. The personal gift Elvis spoke of was a Colt 45 pistol. He presented it to President Nixon and received a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in return.

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