This week we said good-by to another old timer and one time garden writer for the Review,Elsie Kelm. In her day Elsie was a lively, talented woman, who also taught rosemalling at her little shop on Madison Street along with her many other activities. Her husband, Bill Kelm, was one of Forest Park’s favorite mailmen back then.

All the Nutleys are excited and proud of daughter/sister, Megan Nutley who has been named to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List at Loyola University. Megan has achieved this honor for four straight years at Loyola. Megan is also the recipient of the Louise Gonska Art Scholarship which is awarded to only one senior each year. Congratulations, Megan, all of Forest Park is happy for you and proud of you.

Little Pepe Neubeiser can barely be distinguished in this photo. He’s the small black dog on the left. Eric Neubeiser is the big boy in the center holding the “lost dog” sign. Hooch is the noble looking large dog on the right. The family is happy to be united after Pepe’s nearly tragic adventure. Pepe is a very senior dog having lived with Tina and Gary since shortly after their marriage. He’s going blind now and is perhaps a bit senile. He and his pal Hooch spend their days together, wandering around the grounds or sleeping in the sun. Hooch waits for Pepe and sees that he stays out of harm’s way. Once Pepe was nearly eaten by a coyote. Hooch barked furiously and Gary heard the little fellow screaming and ran out yelling at the coyote who dropped the little dog and ran off. A few weeks ago Pepe wandered out onto Madison Street and was picked up by a woman in a car. She cared for him for a few weeks but when she tried to get him his shots, the vet discovered Pepe’s chip! Thanks to the chip, all the Neubeisers are together again and Hooch is back on the job caring for Pepe.

Incidentally, Gary picked up Hooch several years ago when he found the dog sleeping in the mausoleum at Concordia. Son Eric was just a little fellow then, but he walked right up to the big dog and put his arms around the dog’s neck. The dog responded by licking little Eric’s face. He became an instant family member.

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Happy birthday to Michael Gillian, Bob Krieger, Rich Krieger, Phil Kachlic and Jean Guntow on February 22; on the 23rd to Meghan Krieger, Jean Leinweber and Jacqueline Janney; on the 24th to Chris Thornton, Mary White, Sam Huynh, Scott Grams and Haydn Bush ; February 25 is the happy birthday of Gary Neubeiser, Alexandria Eterno and Rachel Hamilton; on the 26th :Joseph and Jillian Tricoci, Darryl Licht, Dan Criscione, Patrick Dornecker and Susan Rehore; February 27 and happy birthday to Diane Janopoulos McGrath, Arthur Kazar, Connor Sullivan, Gina Pardun and Norris Killean; on the 28th Aaron Rada, Chris Borzello , and I guess we have to give Rosemary Besich a special happy birthday since she was actually born on February 29; on March 1 it’s birthday time for Geri Kowalski, Kim Reina, Jim Breseman and Bill Brown.

Thanks for your time. Chop a bun.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...