As part of the village’s new waste disposal contract finalized last year with Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI), residents now have the option of obtaining 64 gallon recycling bins instead of the standard 18 gallon handheld bins now in use.

In order to receive one of the larger bins, residents must call BFI at (708) 345-7050 before March 10. There is no fee for the new bins.

“A critical part of reducing our costs was getting a good garbage contract, which we did, but we also need to focus on lowering (other) disposal costs. One critical element is to encourage people to start recycling,” said Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement Patrick Doolin.

Doolin noted that garbage pickup comprises only about 50 percent of total disposal costs.

The new bins would encourage recycling by increasing storage space and allowing people to dispose of both their garbage and recyclables on the same schedule, said Doolin.

“With the 18 gallon open bin, you put a week’s worth of newspapers and one milk jug and the thing is overflowing,” he said. “Some single person may not need this type of storage capacity but for your typical family of four or five, this will make recycling more convenient, and let’s face it, we’re all creatures of convenience.”

The recycling bins will continue to be picked up from local homes on Thursdays. Doolin said that though BFI will keep some extra containers intended for those who move into town after March 10, it is highly encouraged that interested residents contact BFI by the deadline to receive the larger bins.

“Seth Stern