Citizens United in Forest Park (CUinFP) sincerely thank Randy Standish and the staff at Ultra Foods as well as Roger Brayden at the Forest Park Public Library for allowing us to again register voters at your facilities. Once again, dozens of residents took advantage of this service. This ongoing collaboration between Ultra Foods, the Library and CUinFP continues to fill a need for democracy in our community.

Gloria Backman


Harder legal fees blame game

After viewing the Village Council meetings from January 23 and February 13, I was quite disturbed by the comments made by Mayor Calderone in regard to the rising costs of the Sgt. Harder termination hearing. In an almost ridiculing tone, the blame was pushed on to the Harder defense team as if they were, in some form or another, subverting the legal system.

Let me say that as a citizen, I personally am not at all pleased with the length, pace and cost of the trial and wish it would end ASAP. As the media guy for Citizens United in Forest Park, I can tell you first hand that the taping, editing and scheduling of camera people for these marathon sessions has caused major logistical headaches and again, I wish it would end ASAP.

I am not a lawyer or legal scholar and therefore would never attempt to second guess or criticize what the Harder defense team is doing and it concerns me to no end that our elected officials freely feel that they can.

With questions about federal subpoenas, water projects and disbarred attorneys floating around out on the horizon, I find it strange that any person who may eventually end up in a glass house is out throwing stones.

Steven Backman