Domain names purchased to damage reputations
At the conclusion of our February 27 village council meeting I approached Steven Backman and asked that he return the internet web site domain that he has hijacked from me. You see, it turns out that our self-appointed guardian of the public feels no remorse when it comes to stealing someone’s identity.

For reasons unknown, on March 20, 2003, Mr. Backman registered the following domain names:,,,, and When I approached Mr. Backman and asked why he has pirated my name, his response was that he didn’t register my name, he just registered a “random set of letters.” It’s amazing to me that he managed to pick five such “random” sets of letters, which just happen to be the names of people that he has been working so hard to discredit. Or could this just be an outlet for him to use his incessant amount of videotaping? Perhaps his intention is to edit out half sentences, post them on a web site in a convoluted attempt to damage peoples reputations and misinform the citizens of Forest Parks? Ah yes, the defender of open government indeed!

If there is any question to the validity of this matter, all it takes is a quick web search (, and you will find all these sites registered to a Steven Backman, P.O. Box 2213, Oak Park, IL 60303.

Maybe I would have more respect for Mr. Backman if he had ever done anything positive for the community, instead of his constant attempts to stand in the way of those who actually are working to help this village. Has he ever worked with any of the other Forest Park volunteer organizations? Or can he only be a part of a team to which he’s the self-appointed leader?

When I asked for the domain back he told me to sue him. Seems like a good idea. According to ICANN, the international internet regulatory board, what he is doing is cyber squatting. If he is doing this in bad faith (with the intention of destroying or maligning reputations), then yes, it is illegal. Maybe he’s not that great defender of the American way, but just another obstructionist that did not get his way and is seeking ways to do bring down those that dare to disagree with him.

I just thought the Citizens of Forest Park should know the truth about what the founder of CU1nFP is really up to.

Mark S. Hosty
Commissioner, Village of Forest Park

State Board of Education should investigate D209
I cannot believe the State Board of Education is placing sanctions against Elmwood Park High School over one student who does not have the proper paperwork to enroll. Yet at Proviso High School District 209 and Beliwood school district 88, the State Board of Education allows major issues to go on without even an investigation.

FACT: Proviso high school was never placed on the State Academic Watch List until Chris Welch took over the school board.

FACT: Proviso high schools have been placed on the State Academic Watch List every year Chris Welch has been a board member.

FACT: Chris Welch spent an unnecessary $40 million on a third high school which originally cost $15 million. The project manager position was created by Mr. Welch and paid $619,000, and the same project manager is the largest contributor to Mr. Welch’s campaign fund for state rep.

FACT: Mr. Welch hired disbarred attorney Anthony Bruno and Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo’s security company (IFPC) – both of Melrose Park and both under federal investigation.

FACT: Mr. Welch used school tax dollars to pay Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpicos guilty verdict settlement. Ron Serpico and the Board majority were found guilty in federal court in May, 2004.

FACT: Chris Welch has charged Bellwood School District 88 over $319,000 over the last 18 months. The money should have been spent on education, not attorney fees. Perhaps test scores would rise if our tax dollars would go toward educational programs instead of unethical attorneys.

FACT: The Welch gang approved Gene Moore making nearly $300,000 in commissions, while the school district could not pay for its school band students to play at the Liberty Bowl.

The State Board of Education should investigate the abuses at School Districts 209 & 88.

Art Grapenthien