Forest Park’s Main Street Association and Chamber of Commerce are preparing to present their 12th annual Pride Awards, designed to honor those residents and businesses that help beautify Forest Park by taking pride in their properties.

The awards, which are sponsored by Main Street, the Chamber and the village, will be presented at Main Street’s annual meeting on May 3 at McAdam Landscaping, 2001 Desplaines Ave.

Presentations featuring photographs of each winner will be displayed at the meeting.

All Forest Park residents may submit nominations, whether for themselves or for their friends and neighbors.

“It’s not just that you open a businesses ” there’s more to it than that ” some people have invested more than others and have really taken some time,” said Dorothy Gillian of the Main Street Association.

Gillian said that in evaluating nominations for the commercial category, judges will consider the overall economic impact of the nominated project, including the amount of investment in the property in terms of both time and money and its “ripple effect” on the upkeep of surrounding properties.

In the residential category, judges will also look at the impact of each project on the neighborhood and the value of surrounding properties as well as the project’s aesthetic impact and innovation.

For the first time, this year’s awards will also include recognition of interior renovations in both categories.

For more information or for nomination forms, call the Main Street Association at 771-4777 or the Chamber of Commerce at 366-2543. Nomination forms will also soon be available at the village’s web site,

Nominations must be received by March 31 to be considered for this year’s awards.

“Seth Stern