The second in a series of four documentaries sponsored by the Friends of the Forest Park Library and the Forest Park National Bank and Trust Company will be presented at the library on Saturday March 25.

“Mad Hot Ballroom” is the documentary that influenced Chicago public school administrators is to introduce ballroom dancing in some grammar schools this year. In 1994, a ballroom dancing course was launched in the New York City school system for fifth graders. Today more than 6,000 students participate in the 10 week program which culminates in a competition to find the school that has produced the best dancers in the city.

The documentary follows three of the schools as the kids go from hesitating to even hold hands to becoming accomplished in swing, tango, foxtrot, and meringue. As one reviewer wrote, “clearly, the dance lessons are life lessons as well, nurturing self confidence, team spirit, the joy of dancing and even a slight touch of old world etiquette in an otherwise too busy to be courteous world.” “Mad Hot Ballroom” has left audiences figuratively dancing for joy.

Submitted by Barbara Plona
Friends of the Forest Park Library