Congratulations to several Forest Park families who became united through marriage last Friday. I will try to get these relationships straight. If not, please correct me and we’ll put the correction in next week. Cari Scolero and James Jurkovic became Mr. and Mrs. in a ceremony at Villa Brunetti in Franklin Park. The bride is the daughter of Gus and Debbie Scolero and granddaughter of the senior Scoleros. Mrs. Balfanz is grandmother of the groom. We wish them many years of happiness.

On a sad note, long time Forest Parker, wife of the late beloved Art Scheiwe and mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of several younger Scheiwes, Loretta Scheiwe died last week. Loretta was a great lady. After her husband’s death she seemed to lose ground. Sympathy to her many relatives and friends.

Caught at the library doing research for their science projects were the students of Jennifer Uhlmann’s fifth grade class at Garfield School. The students also received help from Library Aide, Donna Marrocco. The Science Fair will be held on April 5 in case you’d like to drop in and enjoy the results of their labors. But don’t go to Garfield, the projects will be on display at the Middle School.

Jasmine Brown was also at the library visiting old friends. Jasmine loves her job at the Berwyn Library. She was admiring the new hairdo of Linda Wojtas who is recovering nicely from her very bad accident last year.

Speaking of Science Fairs, any teacher will tell you it’s true that “if you become a teacher, by your children you’ll be taught.” Once a second grader of mine had a project in which she tested three philodendron plants for several weeks. Christine Smith (I can still see her in her Brownie uniform, big brown eyes and straight blond hair) watered one weekly with tap water and it looked very healthy. The second was watered with water that had been left out for 24 hours”it looked great; but the third plant had been watered with boiled water that had been left to cool off. That plant was phenomenal!

Good luck to our young scientists. And thanks for the watering tip to Christine Smith.

I thought Frank Pyotyr had left town long ago. But as I walked my dear friend Lucky last week we found Frank still living in Forest Park. In fact, we found him on his birthday! March 27. So belated happy birthday, Frank. More memories of Calcagno’s.

On April 5 it’s happy birthday to Nick Tricoci, Rick Barger (who is also in that Scolero, Balfanz clan I think) Joe Bugajsky, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino, Jon Leganski; on April 6 Jeanette Gerger, Mitzi DeVilbiss, and seven-year-old Isabel Rossi; April 7 birthday wishes go to Trivia Curry, Nicholas Lang, Kathy Jones, David Thompson, Brady Fipinger, Lee Huynh; on the 8th of April to Stanley Konieczny and happy anniversary to Bill and Beth Linder; on April 9 birthday greetings go to Gert Casper and Tiffany Basarich; April 10 to Angie Stange, Laura Annarino, Amy Mescheimer; on the 12th to Dr. Phyllis Orland and Mike Thompson; March 12 and happy birthday to Chrissy Neumann, Sara Mescheimer and Zachary Peter Janopoulos. He got his name from a great man-the late Pete Janopoulos!

Thanks for your time. Chop a bun.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...