The Forest Park Parent Club is depressed and our children have no recreation in their lives because (of actions) our village leaders have taken. Our public park, the Altenheim field, is rented out to the Fenwick Lacrosse Club to host practice and home games during the spring season. They have torn our basketball courts down. They have taken our baseball field and every summer they host tournaments for other wealthy communities.

Our community is mostly single families with low income needs. Our middle school makes our children bring lunch or they have to buy lunch for $2.50 a day because they say they do not have lunch applications for the national lunch program. Our children cannot ride our school bus because they rented our school buses out to other communities to transport children from other communities to our park district so they can play soccer and baseball at our park district. We are concerned parents who need your help in giving us back our park district, our lunch at the school and our transportation to get our children to and from school.

Deborah Cole