Library board President Debbie King has decided not to seek appointment to an additional term on the board, and is stepping down at the close of her term in April.

She will be replaced as president by former vice president Andrea Blaylock, while Andre Marshall, the board’s former treasurer, will take over as vice president.

King said she stepped down in order to concentrate on her job as Property Manager with David King and Associates, Inc.

“As my board term was scheduled to end on April 30, it became very apparent it was now time to focus on the growth of [the company],” she said.

“The village is extremely lucky to have such a talented and committed library staff. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with each of them.”

King was appointed to the board six years ago at the recommendation of former library director Krista Kloepper.

King said she is especially proud of her work balancing the library’s budget, a process that put her in the midst of much finger-pointing when several staff members were laid off to cut costs.

According to King, the 2005-06 fiscal year was the library’s first with a balanced budget in recent memory.

She said she is hopeful that the referendum the library will seek in the November elections will pass, and does not feel that her resignation from the board will disrupt the process or affect its chances.

“The referendum committee is completely separate from the board. Obviously we work together in a way but it’s not the same thing by any means,” she said.

The library’s referendum committee, which was formed to make recommendations to the board concerning its strategy in seeking a tax increase, is chaired by Karen Childs, who moved from board secretary to treasurer following King’s departure.

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