Teardown article too focused on the Mayor
I twice read Bob Skolnik’s article about the teardown workshop held by Citizens United in Forest Park last month and asked myself, “were we at the same meeting?”

The three panel experts, representing government and grass roots, discussed in great detail how town leaders and concerned citizens are able to work together in creating laws to promote a smart, careful and sensible plan for redevelopment of old housing stock while maintaining the fabric of neighborhoods, yet the majority of Bob’s article featured a myriad of quotes from Mayor Calderone. What’s this all about?

About a day later it dawns on me…Bob was right on the money! In our town, forget what the experts say and who cares what the Zoning Board of Appeals and Plan Commission think. It all comes down to who has the control of the Village Council and what he wants, and in Forest Park, that person is Mayor Anthony Calderone.

Steve Backman