Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for writing. Your large and heavy script says a great deal about “who you are.” Just as your heavy penmanship leaves a strong impression on the paper, so you leave your mark on the environment. Like your writing, you are forceful, dynamic and have great determination and endurance. You are very aggressive, so aggressive in fact, that some people think of you as domineering, controlling, and bossy.

Your feelings are more enduring than average. You may forgive an injustice or wrongdoing, but you never forget it. There is a vitality and strength in everything you do. Your intensity requires release. You are probably an an “outdoor person” who releases his energy through exercise, work and sports. You have great sexual energy but you also have a passion for life, travel, challenge and adventure. You are a risk taker but once you make up your mind or get set in your ways you don’t like change.

All of your appetites are strong. Tom, you need to be careful not to overindulge. Also, you need to try to keep your anger and temper in check.

Your large writing tells me that you are self-confident and self-assured. You are ambitious and like positions of responsibility and leadership. You have little doubt regarding your self-worth or your ability to contribute to society, and you can’t quite figure out why others don’t recognize these qualities in you.

Tom, notice how tall the upper stems of your lower case h’s are.

This tells me that you will go to great lengths to obtain knowledge.

You are a person looking for answers, so you read, take classes and even write to handwriting columnists to try to learn about yourself. Your high hs reveal metaphysical and spiritual aspirations.

The fact that you have no margins on your paper, Tom, shows that you want to live life to the fullest and that you are quick to respond. Because you do respond quickly you may be impulsive without meaning to do so. You frequently don’t even notice that others aren’t necessarily interested in the same things you are. You sometimes come on too strongly.

Despite your aggressiveness, your “umbrella t crossings” tell me you are working on self-control. This is a good sign, because you really need it.

In short, Tom, you are an emotional dynamo. If you learn to control and direct your inner power your potential for success is great.

May the force be with you and not against you.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample of your writing on unlined paper. Please state your age and sex and any specific questions you would like addressed in the analysis. Send to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.