Also at Monday’s meeting, the village council voted unanimously to match the village’s purchasing ordinance to recently amended state statutes which allow contracts for public works projects costing $20,000 or under to be awarded without soliciting bids.

The amended purchasing ordinance will require council approval for public works projects only if their cost exceeds $10,000. For projects under $20,000 the village administrator can then enter into contracts that meet with specifications approved by the council without further council approval. For contracts exceeding $20,000, the village is required to solicit bids unless four out of the five council members agree to award a contract without doing so.

Other purchases by the village will now only be required to be approved by the village council if their cost exceeds $20,000, up from the previous maximum of $15,000, though for purchases valued between $5,000 and $20,000, department heads will still be required to obtain three bids, which will then go before the village administrator for approval.

The village administrator is permitted to waive these bid requirements in cases where “the ability or fitness of the individual or company to be utilized is an integral part of the services to be obtained,” including professional or consulting services.