Grandma Lori Coughlan is proud, proud, proud of her remarkable granddaughter Laura Hodges. Laura is on the Dean’s List at Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee. Proud parents of Laura are Robert Hodges and Fay Hodges. Equally proud grandpa is Robert Hodges, Sr.. They all admire Laura for her perseverance and hard work throughout high school both in school and after school. She is much loved and respected by her family.

A lively black cat with white trim, “Oreo” has been missing for several weeks in the vicinity of Garfield School. Oreo’s family misses her very much and they think the friendly kitty just moved in with some nice family. A generous reward awaits the finder and no questions will be asked. If you think you know anything about this cat, please call 708.436.9440. She is de-clawed and has a microchip to prove her identity. Help!

Retired Forest Park Policeman, Steve Bukovack and his wife Mary Beth were in town last week for the wedding of Mary’s nephew. Kevin Lunebach and Liz Evensen became Mr. and Mrs. at Saint Luke’s Church in River Forest on June 4 with a reception following at Drury Lane. The young Lunebachs will make their home here in Forest Park.

Dr. Ed and Mary Liebner were the featured entertainment at the River Forest Community Center last Friday, where Dr. Ed gave another fascinating slide presentation. The topic of the latest in the Liebner collection is “Garages”…not as dull as it sounds. He showed slides where the beginnings of Hewlitt-Packard, Mattell toys and the Barbie Doll, Walt Disney, and others too numerous to mention took place. Part two of the presentation was “Decorated Garage Doors” and several Forest Park garage doors were included in this section. If you get a chance, see Dr. Ed’s slides”they are unique ,entertaining and informative. There was a little contest preceding the show and our own Mary Dylewski was the winner!

If you have the opportunity, get to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. It’s a long drive for one day, so I went with the Chicago retired teachers last week. The museum is just the right size for seeing everything in three hours. Especially interesting is the exhibit on First Ladies which will run through October 29. Lots of insight into those women of the past two centuries. For example, which First Lady was responsible for the cherry trees in Washington? Which feminist, articulate and influential First Lady helped her husband and his armies by making bullets with her very own bullet mold? Which one was an expert marksman and fired shots from her front porch when she and her husband were in China during the Boxer Rebellion? I learned that Lincoln became very wealthy in his law practice in Springfield and was able to finance his campaign for the presidency. The use of holographs make these exhibits very lifelike and chilling. Did you hear the guys announce Bev Thompson’s name on the Cubs game last week!? She didn’t win the Cubs tickets, unfortunately.

July and August Community Center Trips: Here’s your chance to see Cirque Shanghai and have a delicious Chinese dinner in Chinatown on July 5; on the 12th a tribute to Frank, Sammy , Joey and Dean at the Royal George theatre ; on the 19th a Vintage Hat Show and lunch at the Blue Parrot in Riverside; On July 26 the Summer Mystery Trip; In August the travelers will be off to the Harris Theatre to see Imagine Tap, with sixteen world famous tappers; on the 9th Arlington Racecourse; August 16 a stay-at-home old fashioned ice cream social complete with barbershop quartet. A few extra surprises as well. On the 23rd “110 in the Shade” at Kahn Auditorium in Evanston and on August 30 -all you ever wanted to know about baseball with John Eisenberg and a tour of Wrigleyville with lunch at the Vines. Then off to the south side and dessert at the Negro League Café. It’s for everyone who loves Chicago, not just baseball fans. Call 771.7737. Get your name on the list! But if you’re too late, put it on the waiting list, there are always cancellations.

On June 15 happy anniversary to Ted and Annette Rozmus and happy birthday to Karen Dylewski and Clayton Huebner; on June 16 Bloom’s Day! And happy birthday to one year old Sadie Bland also to Anthony Calderone, Jr. ; on the 17th Tim Grams; June 18 birthday wishes to Emily Myint, Carol Ralph, Trevor LaPoint, Artie Gray, Maria Willinger, Gail Hastings, and happy anniversary to Jon and Jenny Kuehl, Jill and Brian Hosty and Danny and Diane Mohr; Angela Hodges and Sophia Miller have a June 21st birthday. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...