Dear Alice,

Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample. Your writing is neat, legible, connected and attractive. It has a very nice rhythm and this tells me that you have the ability to think and act smoothly. You are inclined to like music, sports, literature, and art. You have a facile mind which gives you a fluency with ideas and words, so you are probably a good writer, speaker, and communicator.

Your writing has a large middle zone with the lower case letters being big when compared with the upper and lower loops. This strong middle zone tells me you are practical, realistic, firm, determined, factual, and have a well balanced outlook on life. In fact, this middle zone, accompanied by your straight base line shows that you are an emotionally stable person.

The fact that your writing is so legible means that you are honest, sincere, straightforward, dependable, cultured, and have a great desire for clear communication and understanding.

At times you can be naive, gullible, secretive, and have difficulty coping with problems, but these are not serious issues.

Alice, your letters are connected with garland (cuplike) connectors so I know you are sociable, kind, sympathetic, optimistic, tolerant, and very much of a humanitarian. You are noncompetitive and you always try to avoid conflict. You are friendly and kindhearted but your strong need for security makes you feel threatened by any change in your home, family, or lifestyle. You want communication with and acceptance by other people.

You write quickly, Alice, so I know you have a quick mind. You are smart, ambitious, energetic, and goal minded so you have a constant need for change and mental stimulation, lest you become bored.

Look at your capital I. It is a simple stick figure which shows that you are very independent, mature, decisive, and your creativity and originality are freely expressed.

You have a very active imagination, and this provides fuel for your artistic, literary, and creative interests.

In short, you are a nice, friendly, talented person. I hope you can find an appropriate outlet(s) for your many gifts and talents.

Happy Independence Day.


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